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BLOG TOUR - The Neumarian Chronicles by Ciara Knight

Title: The Neumarian Chronicles
Author: Ciara Knight
Genres: Dystopia, Science Fiction, Young Adult


Ten years after the great war of 2185 the queen’s reign is threatened by uprisings and fear. In celebration of my sixteenth birthday it is my duty as princess to sacrifice a slave to be initiated into the ruling council, solidifying my mother’s empire. When my own erratic powers surface I’m captured and tried for treason. Slaves hate me, my mother wants me executed, and my only chance of survival rests in the hands of a young man, Ryder Arteres, whose sister I sentenced to death.

 Haunting memories.
Terrifying dreams.
Crippling lies.

Trapped in a world of deception, my sanity rests with the love of Ryder Arteres and our renegade friends. Six months of scouring the ocean floor in a rebel ship fleeing our homeland, delivers us to a possible alliance with the opportunistic European Council. Our only hope is to utilize our forbidden gifts to free our people from slavery, proving our worth. But when a trusted ally turns traitor and a new breed of the queen’s weaponry is revealed, I’m forced to face the terror of my past to save our crumbling future.

Life on a war-ravaged Earth is a dying experience. Finally, after years of tyranny, the rebellion rises. Once I rescue my fiancé Ryder Arteres, I, and the rebel general, will fight to free our people. In a war where alliances shift and friends betray one another, will the final battle prove the truth of the prophecy the queen has so feared—her death—or will I lose everyone I love?

Read from December 17 to 19, 2013

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Semara Valderak is the daughter of the Queen that is feared more than revered. It is nearly time for her take part in a ritual to gain her a spot on the council and have her heart removed. (Scary!) Fate had other plans and I think Semara was better off.

Enter Ryder and... *swoon* umm yeah.

Semara is both relieved and afraid when she finds her friend Raeth alive and as well as can be and with the help of the revolutionary Ryder and Raeth joined by Fallon and Semara's trusted ally Bendar.

She is also dealing with revelations and newly developing powers of her own that make her question everything she has ever known.

The queen will stop at nothing to stop her seemingly treacherous daughter from living. The General wants Semara for his own whether it be as bride or slave. In a race against time Semara, Ryder and Raeth set out to cross a dangerous land to make it to the coast to get across the ocean.

I love the way things unfold between Semara and Ryder wow talk about sparks flying! That was great!

The premise and the plot kept me engaged the entire read! I had to keep going and going to find out what happened next! I love that the trio has a destined purpose and the journey that left me breathless! It's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk goodness and I am so loving it!

The whole steampunk thing is a new genre for me and I am sold. I so recommend this series if you have never read steampunk and want to. It's great to start!

Action packed is a great way to describe Escapement. It comes with it's twists and turns and emotions a plenty too. It hurt to know what Semara was dealing with knowing that what happened between her and Raeth would make Ryder hate her. That was raw and painful.

But the strength shown both by Semara and Ryder is amazing to watch.

And oh my wow the journey to the coast was amazing! I love Maggie!

And the end, so many questions swirl in my head and I am so glad that I have Pendulum to follow up this book!

The only thing I wonder about is Ryder's broken up English sort of neanderthalic. And where I thought it might just be him but sometimes Semara speaks that way too. It's not enough to deter me though. I love these books!

There was not one word in the book that didn't draw me in!

And the end.. oh my god! Do not get me started! Cliffhanger anyone?!

Read it! You will not regret it! 


Read from December 19 to 23, 2013

Oh. My Gawd! I didn't see that coming!

I am so taken in by this series I had to recover! Cue the book hangover, yeah.

So this book picks up after two months aboard the Freedom under water and I was eerie and leery about Mart and about Gordon too!

Parts of this book upset me. Seriously... I really truly hate some of the characters in this book even though they do their job with the story and plot thickening. My brain was on overload trying to figure things out for myself. Just when I thought I had it, Bam! New twist!

I love the dynamic between Ryder and Semara even though I was annoyed they were being kept apart.

I was on the fence about Gordon almost the entire time!

I am definitely recommending the Neumarian Chronicles, it is a fast paced thrill ride with lots of action even when not much is happening there is still so much happening.

I was shocked more than once! It's just so good!

I couldn't wait to see what happened and I read through being sick and everything!

And now I NEED to know what happens next! I will definitely be highly anticipating the next book in The Neumarian Chronicles!

Go get your copy of Pendulum and Escapement! You will not regret it! 
OMG!  From start to finish I was on pins and needles! Semara is such a kick ass MC that I really do love every single second! It was agonizing for a while though! Like seriously my Ryder obsession was being neglected! Anyways I really do not want to spoil anything! 
This is a really great series and Balance is an amazing conclusion to an epic Steampunk read that I will never forget. I was so enthralled just all out enamored, hooked, caught up! It was just that good. In Escapement it was like a verbal explosion that brought my imagination fully alive and I was hooked on a need to follow Semara's story through. I didn't have to wait to read Pendulum because I got the books at the same time! So yeah yay me! LOL! But the wait for Balance was agonizing!! Especially since it left off at a huge cliffhanger!! 

I was definitely not let down or disappointed. Balance is a highly satisfying, swoon worthy, edge of your seat and OMG read!
This is a good cast of characters and a really great storyline. The world that Ciara Knight creates is a vivid imaginative world that draws you in and captivates you!
You will not be let down if you get these books!

I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves to read. So don't wait just click the purchase links and get this series!

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