Friday, August 30, 2013

First Blog Post....

Friday Spill

And Other Facts For Starters...

Learning to juggle writing, reading and reviewing with life in general is hard. Add a husband and three teenagers to that equation and you feel ready for Cirque Du Soleil!
When I started writing my focus was on point and I was tearing through my book like lightning. But as life tends to do, it threw me a few curves. I slowed a bit and got some irresistible review opportunities. It's so hard to stay away from reading and reviewing. I absolutely love finding new 'to me' authors. Every time Carrie sends me a message on Goodreads I try and make myself not click the links. LOL.

I am trying my best and struggling with the whole self publish or publisher dilemma. Most advice says self pub, but I have no idea of I can do that alone. It's a scary thing taking that first step! Then there's the idea of smaller publishing houses but I am just pretty clueless on which ones are good and what is needed from me. I also have the dilemma of book cover and the dreaded editing process. I know what I like out of a book but I'm not sure I will catch all of my own mistakes.
Then there's proofreaders, beta readers, book cover designers and the list goes on and on. I am prepared to take the leap, it's just a confusing thing getting started I suppose.

I am super glad I have friends who are authors and they are extending their advisory help my way. I have never valued the opinions of others like I do now.

This blog may range from a frustrated me to giveaways, blog hops, book tours, author Q&A's, Cover reveals and on and on. I will definitely blog my Friday Spill every week!
As the time gets closer to give you excerpts from my YA Paranormal Fiction book True Fate I will post all of that here.

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