Sunday, September 29, 2013

- REVIEW - 5 Days of The Guardians Series by Wendy Owens - Book 5 - Day 5

The Guardians Crown (Book 5)
by Wendy Owens

Gabe is finally forced to answer the ultimate question, will he give his life to save the world? What about just to save the one he loves the most? The Guardians struggle to find another way--ideas that don't involve Gabe's death--to defeat Baal. Time is running out. What will Gabe choose? What price will he pay for that choice? 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

- REVIEW - 5 Days of The Guardians Series by Wendy Owens - Day 4 - Book 4

The Lost Years (The Guardians Book 4)

By Wendy Owens

Gabe's world was forever altered by the people he came to know and love at Rampart Manor. Although, it wasn't only his life that was changed when he made the choice to leave them all behind.

During his five year absence, they each had a battle with personal demons. Dina is faced with a moral dilemma, the path of good leading to certain heartbreak, or evil, and a possibility of happiness.

Uri meets a mysterious woman who seems to have a lot of the answers that he has been searching for, and she certainly has a place in his heart, if he can only hold onto her.

Sophie is faced with choices she never knew would be so difficult. The question now is: will the personal demons of the remaining Guardians of Rampart be too much for them to overcome?

Friday, September 27, 2013

- REVIEW - 5 Days of The Guardians Series by Wendy Owens - Day 3 - Book 3

The Prophecy (The Guardians Book 3)

by Wendy Owens

Book 3 in The Guardians Series
Five years have passed since Gabe abandoned Rampart, deserting his destiny and closest friends. The struggles Gabe has endured to stay alive have changed him, hardening him into a man unwilling to trust anyone or anything, dealing with difficulties connecting with the outside world.
Gabe has finally found a certain paradise--a peace in solitude--until a familiar stranger shows up on his doorstep, pleading for Gabe's help.

Now he has to decide if he is truly content in his new life, or if he is willing to risk his solitary happiness for a little piece of the world he left behind.

Should he choose to accept the most important duty of his life, one failure could mark the beginning of the end for all mankind.

Release Day! - The Guardians Crown (The Guardians Book 5) by Wendy Owens

 Release Day!

The Guardians Crown by Wendy Owens
 The Guardians Series Book 5 

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guardians crown cover

Book Description:
Gabe is finally forced to answer the ultimate question, will he give his life to save the world? What about just to save the one he loves the most? The Guardians struggle to find another way--ideas that don't involve Gabe's death--to defeat Baal. Time is running out. What will Gabe choose? What price will he pay for that choice?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

- REVIEW - 5 Days of The Guardians Series by Wendy Owens - Day 2 - Book 2

 Cursed (The Guardians Book 2)

by Wendy Owens
 Book 2 in The Guardians Series

Some people are born into love, some people are born into war, when Gabe discovered he was a Guardian Angel, his life was suddenly thrust into both. If this hidden war wasn't enough to deal with, Gabe learns he is fated to be the great protector who will one day deliver the last prophet to either safety or death. All of these revelations didn't matter for Gabe, he only cared that his new life included Sophie.

Sophie and Gabe grew closer over the summer. She is now a fixture in his life that keeps him moving forward. Evil doesn't stop stalking him just because he found happiness. This time darkness finds it's way into Rampart manor and Gabe will have to decide if he is willing to risk everything to try and stop it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

- REVIEW - 5 Days of The Guardians Series by Wendy Owens - Day 1 - Book 1

Sacred Bloodlines (The Guardians Book 1)

by Wendy Owens



Tragedy has defined Gabe's short existence in this world. An ominous darkness lurked on the edge of his existence until one day in a subway, strange things start happening. A series of events lead Gabe into a new and fascinating life filled with angels and demons, but he isn't sure if he wants to be a part of it.

Gabe is thrust into the middle of this exciting world that is full of things he has longed for in his life but it comes with a price. This new life also promises constant terrifying dangers that Gabe fears he may not be able to survive

Friday, September 20, 2013

Normal Nia (A True Fate Novella)

Meet Nia!

 ABOUT This Story:

Nia is the main character in my first YA Paranormal Novel. I guess this would be a novella predating the book. Just a little something for you to get to know her as a character. Really I'm anxious about my book, I'm writing the final chapters and I still have the editing process to go through but I am excited. I hope you enjoy this insight into Nia, the girl before things go crazy for her. Thank you for reading this! Feel free to leave a comment and follow me. (4,353 words...)

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~Revamped Cover Reveal~Selling Scarlett & Taming Cross~ ELLA JAMES~





Today author Ella James is revealing the new covers for Selling Scarlett and Taming Cross!

~Selling Scarlett~
Selling Scarlett by Ella James ebooksm
Title: Selling Scarlett (Love Inc. #1)
Author: Ella James
Genre: NA Romantic Suspense

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review- Anywhere by J. Meyers

ARC Review

Anywhere by J. Meyers

anywhere BN Kobo

Skye Whitcomb is running from her troubles, and where better to run than Europe? Fresh out of college, she makes quick plans with her best friend Paige and hops on a plane.
Of course, nothing ever goes as planned—at least not for her. First, Paige has to bail, and Skye’s left to travel alone. Then she meets sweet and sexy Asher Benedict in Paris, and sparks fly after a night together on the train to Rome. He’s all kinds of perfect for her, but the timing couldn’t be worse since she was running from the altar when she left—so the last thing she wants right now is a relationship.
But Skye’s about to discover that no matter how far you run, love can find you anywhere.
A sweet and steamy New Adult contemporary romance, appropriate for mature readers (17+)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Review of Caged by Sophie Davis

Caged by Sophie Davis
After her brush with death at Ian Crane’s compound, Talia Lyons feels like a prisoner, confined in her childhood home. Plagued with seizures- the result of an unidentified drug injected in her neck by Crane’s men- Talia must put her dream of becoming a Hunter on hold. So when Agency Director McDonough asks Talia to go undercover at the School for the Talented, to find the spy who set the trap for her in Nevada, Talia jumps at the opportunity.

Soon she learns that her new-found freedom comes with a price- working with Donavon on a daily basis. As if that isn’t awkward enough, her former teammate, Erik, also shows up at the School. But at least Talia has the unexpected company of her best friend Penny; to not only assist her in uncovering the spy, but also to deal with the complications that the guys create.

As Talia becomes more entrenched in her assignment, she quickly learns the lengths that the Agency and Mac will go in the name of war. With Crane’s influence spreading, Talia learns that there are few Operatives without ties to the Coalition. Forced to face hard truths and dangerous conclusions, Talia realizes that it is those closest to her who are hiding the biggest secrets. As the task of finding the traitor becomes more problematic, desperation and frustration rule Talia’s world. It becomes clear that Talia can’t do this alone. But who can she trust, when everyone around her is lying?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

* Release Day Blitz! ONE by Mari Arden *

ONE by Mari Arden is a New Adult novel.
Get your copy TODAY!


Jules Hendricks has had a string of bad "firsts."
Embarrassing first kiss. Traumatic first date. An obsessive first boyfriend she can't understand.
It's taken her years but she's finally able to leave her small town life behind for a new start as a freshmen at UW- Madison. For Jules this chance to be independent and rebuild her life is an opportunity she won't ever let anyone take from her again.
She's determined to make something of herself without a man by her side, in front, behind or anywhere near her.

Reid "Pax" Paxton is the star quarterback for the UW Badgers. His brush with death makes him understand how precious life is, and how important it is to take life by the horns, unafraid.
Jules knows he's dangerous for her.
Dark hair. Smoldering eyes. Killer smile. That dimple. That body. Those arms. Pax is everything she's trying to run away from, but she can't help coming back for more. Slowly he begins to show a life together can be more than just a dream. It can be their reality.
The truth about reality is it's not always sunshine and butterflies.
Sometimes it's a wasteland. 
Sometimes secrets can't stay buried.
Sometimes your past will find a way to hunt you down. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

~My Review of Death Lies Between Us by Jody A. Kessler~

Death Lies Between Us
Jody A. Kessler

Saving the life of someone you love should not be the worst thing you have ever done, unless you are an Angel of Death.
Disgruntled with his position in the afterlife and conflicted by his feelings toward his new client, Nathaniel Evans forgoes the rules and saves nineteen year old Juliana Crowson from being hopelessly stuck in Forge Creek.
This alters Juliana's destiny and she finds herself in a series of near death accidents. In the mountains of Colorado, Nathaniel comforts Juliana as she struggles to understand her paranormal abilities while coping with her brother's drug addiction.
When an ill-tempered Native American Shaman teaches her the difference between ghosts and place memories, she decides she wants nothing to do with the supernatural world.
Too bad she doesn't know that Nathaniel is part of it. Will fate bring these two together, or has Nathaniel made the biggest mistake of his afterlife