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Tuesday Teasers! - True Fate


"Tuesday Teasers"


True Fate:

(Excerpt from Chapter 0.5)


The night before Nia's eighteenth birthday the girls had a sleepover and that's when their worries really began. At midnight Rhea was awakened by a shaking Nia, she was clearly convulsing and twitching. Rhea tried to wake her but got no response. Violent shudders racked Nia's body hard as her eyes rolled. Rhea touched her again trying a bit more forcefully to wake her up and recoiled at the firey temperature of her skin. She tried desperately to snap her out of it but she wouldn't open her eyes. She began to really panic as the seizure made it's rapid progression. She would have taken her to the hospital if she didn't already know that Nia was somehow different. It's a good thing she didn't too. Her body calmed and Rhea froze as Nia sat up eerily slow and opened her eyes. Where there was once hazel eyes with flecks of green they glowed a molten honey, like fire. She wore a vacant expression when she spoke, eyes still glowing bright.

"A glamour is broken, a life to trade,
History shall be remade.
To right the wrong and switch the face.
Replace the toil with elegant grace.
The path that's broken will soon be repaved,
The rightful one, no longer enslaved.
The time is now and fate has seen.
Now there will be no in-between.
Do not fear, he will come for you.
Your destiny has been made new."

Nia's body slumped to the bed as Rhea looked on slack-jawed with a hand over her mouth, when she came into consciousness. She blinked shook her head and stretched sitting up slowly as if nothing had happened. Then she caught sight of a very frozen in shock, Rhea.
"What!?", was the first thing to come out of Nia's mouth. Rhea took a minute to compose herself then she told her all about her eerie words accompanied by eyes of fire and burning, hot to the touch skin. The seizure would have been disturbing all on it's own but add in everything else and it was just another secret Rhea would have to keep. Nia was shocked and at first she just didn't think it really happened. All it took was remembering the fear and shock on Rhea's face when she woke up and that was all the confirmation she needed.
Shayna Varadeaux Books © 2013 (All Rights Reserved)

True Fate (True Fate #1)
Shayna Varadeaux

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