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Normal Nia (A True Fate Novella)

Meet Nia!

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Nia is the main character in my first YA Paranormal Novel. I guess this would be a novella predating the book. Just a little something for you to get to know her as a character. Really I'm anxious about my book, I'm writing the final chapters and I still have the editing process to go through but I am excited. I hope you enjoy this insight into Nia, the girl before things go crazy for her. Thank you for reading this! Feel free to leave a comment and follow me. (4,353 words...)

Normal Nia

A Day In The Life

My name is Epifania Marguerite De la Garza but you can just call me Nia, (it's simpler that way.), I'm nineteen. I like to think that I'm in charge of my own life or at least my own decisions. I haven't moved away from home yet, but I've been planning the move for awhile now. My dad says I'm quick witted and kind but I think I'm more sarcastic and prone to anger. I tend to keep to a small circle of friends for just those reasons, well it's more like a triangle really. It's usually just me, my bestie, Rhea and our long time friend Adam, thus the three making the triangle, I'm sure you got that. I'm mostly a daddy's girl but I have a great relationship with my mom. Both of my parents are business oriented but practical and my two sisters are level headed, most of the time. We have a pretty good work ethic due to our father, Vince, insisting on us earning everything we have and being grateful.

My family just doesn't do excess, My mom Margie would never allow it and my dad, um no way! Both of my parents grew up dirt poor and they don't go in for the whole spoiling thing. So everything that is considered a luxury, like laptop, any expensive non essential items, I've earned through hard work. You would think it would make me bitter in some way, but honestly I would hate to be one of "those girls". You know the, 'I'm rich and better than you cause my sunglasses say Gucci', kind of girls. Blek! I can't stand people who take things for granted and treat people like money has anything to do with real class.. It's why my circle of friends is so small to begin with. I don't even have a boyfriend, the last one chewed my heart up and spit it out wearing a plastic smile the whole time. If you want the truth I'm convinced that love, soul mates and fate are just a bunch of crap to be lumped in with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Bigfoot!

I give up on my quest for mister right before I even think about starting it! The truth is I don't like being vulnerable and raw, it's in my nature to be upfront and when I get trampled on I get floored. It's weird because I like to think I'm a pretty strong person emotionally, but love, that stupid four letter word, does things to me that I don't even understand. I'm sure I've never experienced true love, but I am only nineteen, after all. Rhea was there for me when my world fell apart, after I got made a fool of then humiliated and dumped. (In that order....) She helped me to be me again and I am happy being alone.

Rhea and I are closer than sisters, at least closer than me and my sisters, we just are. She has been a part of my life from the very beginning, we have pics together inside of each other's cribs! Now that's going way back! We graduated honors together and will attend college together too. Hopefully all of that will stay on schedule but we shall see. My life has been busy, busy, last summer Rhea and I played, with no working at all and we made that plan together too. This summer we worked our butts off at my dad's import/export company. We got his office running smoothly and now he's up to date on the latest technologies, it was fun bringing him into this century.

My home life has been fine, really, I can't complain, my oldest sister Amarie still lives with us and she's going to be twenty two soon. We live on a ranch and she is thinking about just moving into the guest house. She has always been very close to my mom, so I am not surprised. My little sister Lena is thirteen going on thirty for sure. She crushes on every boy she meets as long as they are "mature". I think it's hilarious, she changes crushes like she changes socks... I love them both I just don't have much in common with them. I just read and listen to music mostly, at work I keep a book handy for any free moments. I have an addiction for reading. I just love getting lost in a book, it's relaxing.

Today is Saturday and I don't have a whole lot that I need to do. I was thinking about going to Fuzzy's with Rhea and Adam. He's our third musketeer and super cute. Rhea has had a crush on him forever but she's too chicken to let him know it. To me he's like a brother, he's a good guy really. He started taking classes the summer immediately after graduation at the community college downtown. He is determined to get into MIT but he's so nervous that they'll reject him, so he's "beefing up" his application with undergraduate degrees and credits. He's a gamer to the core and he reads too. We go to libraries and museums for fun. I'm thinking just dinner and video games at the mall tonight.

I really hate that arcades are disappearing, my dad used to take me to play at Tilt all the time growing up, now it's hard to find an arcade like that. I suppose now is a good time to get out of bed I have been laying here for an hour. Time to make a call, and might I just say I love my retro rotary phone. About four rings in I hear, "Hello?", with a questioning tone. She must not have checked her caller I.D., "Hey Rae what's up?"

"Not much, are you just waking up?", Rhea asks. "Kinda, I've been laying here for a while.", I explain. "Jeez lump! Get up already it's almost noon!", she says hollering, "Ouch my ear.", I say pulling the phone away to rub it. "Whatever. So what are we doing today?", she asks me. "That's why I was calling you, I wanted to see if you want to go eat and hang out.", I tell her. "What about Adam?", I add. "He works tonight.", Rhea informs me. "Okay then just you and me then, I'll be over after I get showered and dressed.", I tell her feeling chipper. "Okay see ya!", she says, we kind of simultaneously hang up as usual.

Well I guess it's time to get up and get ready, one last stretch then I slide my feet over the side of the bed. I absolutely love my carpet, it's super soft and I would never wear shoes on it. It takes a few minutes to make my bed and then I'm off to look for something comfy to wear. When my parents were having this house built they took us into consideration for sure. Walking by my bookshelf, I sigh, it is definitely a perk of living at home and the reading nook by it is my favorite spot in the house!

Going into my closet is always jarring, it's enormous by closet standards, half dressing room half closet space and a couple of dressers. I'm thinking my black jeans and my Morissey tee shirt. I'll just slip on my Dr. Marten's and be outta here. After I'm satisfied with my outfit choice I head to my bathroom. It's the one room besides my bedroom decor that I had to have my way on. The black soapstone tiles shine when they get wet but look dull like stone when they are dry. The multi tiled shower is roomy with faucets that cascade water like a fall. The bathroom mirror covers alot of the wall much to my discomfort. I slip my p.j.'s off and do a spin in my black cami and boy shorts, my black hair is knotted and definitely needs some conditioning. I take a minute to stare at my tattoo on my left arm, it was the first one I got that my parents could see. I got my second one right under it. Every tattoo I have means something to me, it's like my life's timeline on skin.

My very first tattoo is on my hip bone, only Rhea has seen it. It's a symbol of my vulnerability to remind me to guard my heart it just says "Be Brave" in script. The big one on my arm is my heart in flames, an homage to my once burned heart and yet another reminder of how much pain letting yourself love can bring. I really like getting tattooed, I think it's beautiful. I have a nose ring, well a stud anyway and it's pretty small. My tongue is pierced too but I hardly ever remember I have that. I lean in looking closely at my eyes, they are hazel by definition but they have green and grey in the amber, mixed in. I'm still getting used to my bangs, I just cut them last week, I wanted to be sure if I accidentally cut them too short I'd have time fr them to grow a bit before the road trip to The Great lakes. It's roughly a twenty hour drive we plan on stretching out over a week. I look at the clock on the counter and my stomach grumbles it's protest at the fact that it's lunch time and I haven't eaten. Time to shower already.

I close the bathroom door behind me as I exit the steamy atmosphere I created with my shower. It's less stuffy in my dressing room. I run a brush through my hair and start on my makeup. I am a lover of makeup for sure. I have been known to get carried away but I mostly stick to the basics. My eyeliner is a must though. My hair is partially dry by the time I finish my makeup and get dressed. I put in some heat serum and blow dry it the rest of the way. I am gonna leave my semi wavy hair alone today. I flat iron it usually but not always. Now to lace up my Doc's and get outta here.

The drive into the city isn't bad till you hit the loop then it takes a little time getting to Rhea's apartment. I punch in a code at the gate and go up using my key to get into her place. We spend loads of time at each other's houses but I like to come to the city, there's not much to do where I live. I can hear Rhea singing before I go into her room, that means she has headphones on and she's probably on her computer. Sure enough, she's watching a video and singing along so I just take a seat on her bed. She really hates when I sneak up on her but she gets mad at me when I call first.

I decide to text my mom and dad and let them know where I am gonna be for the rest of the day and I will probably stay the night. Rhea spins around in her chair after removing her headphones and back into her desk with a yelp, I can't help but laugh. "Nia! You scared the crap outta me!", she said with wide eyes and a hand clutched to her chest. "Sorry, I told you I should give you a heads up but no...", I remind her still laughing. She composes herself, "So what do you wanna do?, she asks. "Maybe go to Chuy's then catch a movie but we have to go early, I heard they got some new games in at the arcade.", I tell her. "Okay, let me put my shoes on.", she responds.

We do as planned and the food was great as usual. The movie is starting in an hour so we have plenty of time to hit the arcade. I go to my favorite game first and play until I die, I usually lose track of time and Rhea when it comes to video games. I spin around scanning the crowd but run smack dab into a set of eyes that set me on fire. My hands shake and my stomach clenches, I remind myself to breathe. Jude Maersk, my one and only ex boyfriend, my first love, who made sure I was humiliated and not just heartbroken by the time he was finished with me. I did my best to avoid him most of the time, I even gave up going to some of my favorite spots to avoid it. Yet here he was staring at me like he used to, but I had to remind myself that he was a snake. Even if he was a really cute one.

I continue scanning the crowd and see Rhea over at the concession stand getting some drinks. I take a deep breath and hope he doesn't even notice the effect he's had on me. I make my way over in her direction weaving through the crowd but cringe when I hear, "Excuse me, coming through.", in that deep southern tone unmistakably belonging to him. All the hairs on my neck stand on end and I nearly gasp when I feel the hand on my shoulder. I turn slowly willing my shaking to steady. I've avoided him since prom and I thought a year or more would make this okay but I was dead wrong. Looking now into those sea green eyes I feel like I could faint.

"Nia.", he says simply. "Jude.", I reply, thanking the heavens my voice wasn't as shaky as my insides. "How are you?", he asks me shyly, giving me his signature dimpled smile, causing me to uncontrollably bite my lip. I remind myself he was a jerk to me and steel my nerves. "Why do you even care?", I ask in a harsh tone. Jude frowns and takes a deep breath, "I miss you Nia.", he says truly stunning me. I mean seriously! "Oh, you miss me? Wow do I feel special. THE Jude Maersk misses little old me! Well, I guess that makes it all better!", I respond through clenched teeth, trying not to raise my voice too loud. He sighs, "I deserve that. I just wanted to say hi and see if you were okay. I really am sorry I bothered you Nia.", he said hanging his head. "Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you but I just don't know what to say to you Jude.", I explained, even though he didn't deserve it.

He stared at my eyes for what felt like ages searching for what i just don't know, then spoke softly, "I really am sorry I hurt you Nia.", he said stepping close enough for me to feel the warmth of his minty breath on my face. "I know I screwed up something great for a little bit of pleasure. I was a stupid kid and I'm different now. I know that doesn't fix anything but I just wanted you to know that I really am sorry.", he said without looking away from my eyes. I could punch him for making me feel like I should forgive him and I might have too if it hadn't been for my trusty sidekick. "What the hell is this? Get away from her loser!", she spat at Jude yanking my arm and pulling me from his personal space. I took a deep breath and reminded myself he is trouble. He was backing away with his hands up in surrender, "Hey, no harm done Rhea. You know where to find me Nia.", he said never taking his eyes off of mine as he melded back into the mass of people. "Thanks Rhea, can we go home? I really don't feel like a movie.", I said simply. Rhea being who she is needed no further explanation, she looped her arm through mine and we headed for the door.

I let her drive and leaned my chin on my palm staring out the window. Jude and I were boyfriend and girlfriend through the summer after junior year and all of our senior year. He played baseball and was ridiculed for dating an honors nerd. But I had cool fashion sense or so they said, so I could hang with him and his minions unscathed. But when things got hot and heavy and I wouldn't put out things started getting weird. My parents raised me with high moral standards or I guess just told me to think before I act. At the time I thought I could see myself married with children, me and Jude, but I was just really scared. What if I got pregnant, I was so not gonna be labeled like that. He left it alone after I explained my desire to stay a virgin until I got married. But the closer and closer we got to prom the more he started bringing it up again. He would say that prom would be a special night for something special and how if I really loved him I would give myself to him.

I was torn and had started to realize that maybe he was like the boys before him only after that one thing. But I was clouded by love and my rose colored glasses were thick. I chose to believe he would once again understand and leave it alone. I was wrong, things really changed once he realized I wasn't gonna budge. He was 'busy' alot and had less and less time for me. He wasn't keeping me up to date on his games and practices like he had before either. I being the in love with the moron, didn't see it coming a mile away like other people did. Adam and Rhea both tried to tell me he was up to no good and I should dump him, but just the thought hurt me. I believed things would change that maybe he was just coming to terms with it or something. We still hung out and still had lunch and classes at school. He still kissed me and took me out, so I assumed our plans for prom were still on.

That night he called me and said he would meet me there. I rode with Rhea and Adam and their dates to the hotel, I really didn't expect what I got when I finally found him in a dark corner with some girl I didn't recognize. Her skirt was hiked up and his hand was in between her legs. I may be a virgin but I'm no idiot, I knew exactly what was going on. The big breasted blond looked at me and sneered, "What are you looking at Suzie Q?", she said laughing at me. "Nia!", Jude said out of breath he quickly walked towards me and I shook my head. "No don't you dare come near me!", I turned and ran, I went out into the foyer and found the elevator and went up. I made my way to the roof and found a corner to disappear in. I slid down the wall in my Dolce gown and kicked off my Jimmy Choos. Prom night I had splurged for but I didn't care what happened to my dress now. I took deep breaths raising my knees and resting my head on my arms trying desperately to make sense of what I just saw.

I heard him burst through the door before he said my name, "Nia!", he bellowed. I didn't answer though. I heard the crunch of the gravelly part of the roof where I sat and couldn't bare to look at him. Tears were falling silently down my face pretty rapidly, way beyond my control. He crouched beside me, "Nia talk to me.", he pleaded touching my arm. I just sat there frozen, I didn't dare speak I was too scared of the choked sobs I knew were on the brink of escaping. I had never felt that before, heartbreak. It's the craziest thing, the pain in my stomach and chest were unbearable and my throat burned. My head was spinning and I felt like I could vomit. "Nia, look at me, please.", he pleaded once more. I took a deep breath and looked up at him, he saw the tears falling and welling up and made a sad face. "God Nia, I'm so sorry.", he said like he was surprised by the pain that was evident all over me. I swallowed the lump in my throat and got to my feet ignoring his helping hand, I didn't want to do this. I just went numb. I grabbed my shoes and headed back to the prom, I had to find Rhea. I rushed towards the closing elevator and got in just in time, leaving Jude behind. I figured it might buy me enough time to find Rhea and disappear. When I stepped out of the elevator the one beside it dinged and there he was right behind me, "Nia, wait.", he said a little loudly drawing the attention of other prom-goers. 'Great, a show.', I thought. I spun around, if he wanted to do this with an audience that was fine with me, after all I had nothing to hide.

"What Jude! What do you want?", I seethed, my anger directed solely at him and he just stared. "What's the matter, you wanted this right? Someone else! Why don't you just go find your slut!", I screamed. I snapped here people, I just lost it. I was hurt, alone and let's face it out numbered, due to my lack of friends. Rhea busted through the crowd in the nick of time, "What's wrong?", she asked noticing my shoes in hand and my shaking body, and I am pretty sure you couldn't miss the tear tracks down my face. "He had some bimbo pinned to wall and he was, he was, ugh!", I said getting sick to my stomach again. Just then, the said bimbo came slithering up beside him and whispered in his ear, now that stung.

He clenched his jaw and looked away from me. "Yeah well if you didn't put out to everyone but me, maybe I would have been faithful!", he shot back. I was stunned, my jaw hanging. "You liar!", I screamed, my pitch reaching glass shattering heights. I started towards him and Rhea grabbed my hand. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and heard Adam's voice whisper something in my ear. "See, I bet you give it up to nerd boy there!", he said laughing and looking at his friends who joined in. My heart sank a mile a minute, sanity barely catching up to me. I took off the stupid promise ring he had gotten me, pledging his fake love to me, and tossed at him hitting his shoulder. He had a pained look in his eyes just briefly before bending down to pick it up. I released his gaze and turned away from him and I had managed to evade him since then.

Rhea tossed my phone out the window, that night and said I needed a new one anyway. I didn't argue, I was a zombie for two weeks straight anyway. It was a rough time but I made it. My family answered the door when he came by and got rid of him for me. They answered the phone and I had changed my cell number too. It left him no communication other than school and I excelled at evading him there. I had managed to make it to graduation without bumping into him at all.

"Earth to Nia." Rhea said sounding a little urgent. "Huh?", I said shaking my head and pulling myself out of that painful memory. Um, I asked if you wanted anything, I have to get gas anyway.", she said motioning out the window. We were stopped at a gas station and I didn't even notice, man I hate Jude. "Oh, maybe some ice cream.", I said figuring I would need it in mid meltdown. I really was trying to keep myself together, I have no clue why I felt like I was being crushed all over again. It had been over a year, I quickly tell myself to forget him, forget it. It's been over and done with for this long there's no sense in reliving it or revisiting it. There's no way I am giving him serious consideration. I don't care if he misses me and me missing him was laughable right? No what am I thinking of course I don't miss him! I have to pull myself together, this is just making me sick.

"Okay I got you Rocky Road.", Rhea said putting her overloaded bag in the back seat. "You don't need him you know, you have been happy lately. Personally I think you need to just blow it off and let it go.", Rhea said seriously, reaching over and squeezing my hand. "I know, I just figured that out, it was just so unexpected and he apologized and said he was stupid. I just wasn't expecting him to act like that.", I explained. "Jerk.", Rhea muttered, "Besides, we have plans. Like shopping and a road trip and well, life is just too busy for the distractions.", she added. I knew she was right and I will just let it go, pretend it never happened and move on. Yup that's the plan stay busy then get the heck outta dodge.

We pull up to Nia's and make our way up to her room, ice cream and sodas in hand. We put in a movie and chill for the night. I am gonna get lost in the movie and clear my mind, no more Jude, no more thoughts of him and what might have been. It is what it is and he decided the way it played out so it is his loss. Yeah, I'm over him. Score one Nia, maybe it wasn't a bad day after all.

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