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Tuesday Teasers - True Fate

True Fate is my first YA Paranormal novel.
I just finished writing True Fate and have been editing it like a mad woman. I think I am done with that too. I have a goal to publish by January but if I can do it in December that would be awesome! I am amazed how much time and energy goes into writing and editing a self published book not to mention the formatting craziness!
Extreme kudos to the authors that are doing it for themselves!
My peers have told me that an audience and word of mouth are THE things that matter in the self pub world and I am so seeing that for myself.
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Aaron stood and reached behind him tugging his shirt up over his head and tossing it on the floor. Warmth raced to Nia's cheeks deepening the hue and her tears settled a bit more. Her heart thumped violently inside of her chest and her breath hitched. She placed her palm to his heart and felt the rapid beat of it, smiling, happy she wasn’t the only one reacting to the contact. She took a step forward and rested her head on his chest, he sighed contentedly, wrapping his arms around her tightly. Nia melted into his strength and warmth as Aaron lifted her up and placed her on the bed then kissed the top of her head.  He grabbed his pj's and went to the other room to change.
Nia laid there, what was she going to do? Does mom know what we...... or, I, am? Or are they whatever the heck I am too? She felt herself slipping into that chaotic hurricane of thoughts and quickly decided not to go there just now and shifted back to thoughts of Aaron.
His warmth and strength, her guardian and so much more, he would do anything to protect her, she just knew it.
She wanted this forever with him more than ever before. Aaron walked back into the room, shirtless in pajama pants and popped open a soda. He took two ibuprofen and handed them to Nia and she put them in her mouth as he gave her the soda. She took the pills grateful for his thoughtfulness, she was definitely getting a headache. She took a long swig of the soda and handed it back to him. He set it on the nightstand and climbed into bed.
Nia curled up to Aaron’s chest and sighed placing her arm across him as if she always had belonged there, the rhythmic beat of his heart was so comforting. He placed a hand on her back and one behind his head.
He would lay here holding her as long as it took and he didn't really care how long that might be. She was his world now, his priority, the rest of his life could wait as far as he was concerned. As long as he knew she was safe, it would all be okay.
Nia didn't really know what to do, she just knew she wasn't ready to handle this situation with her dad. She would leave tomorrow on her road trip and hope she was ready to confront this mess when she returned. She planned to clear her mind and come to terms with what she had no control over.
She would deal with her dad when she was ready. She would have to tell them she was leaving though and she'd have to get her stuff from the house too. That could wait until tomorrow too. Aaron didn't need an explanation and he didn't need answers to any questions, he was just there for her and for that she was grateful.

Shayna Varadeaux Books © 2013 (All Rights Reserved)


Excerpt from
True Fate (True Fate #1)
Shayna Varadeaux

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Shayna is a happily married mom of three teenagers and a native Texan. She is a highly addicted reader and an avid reviewer with a love  for generating buzz for other authors.
“Life is chaos and reading is my relaxation. Writing comes second only to my family and my music. I love playing the bass and singing backup vocals for my husband! A tattoo artist turned author, following my dream and loving it!"

"I am currently writing  book 2 in my True Fate Series, my first YA Paranormal Fiction Series! I hope to publish by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. Luckily I have my best friend who is also my supportive husband to cheer me on. I'm definitely looking forward to the painful journey of becoming a self-published author!”


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