Saturday, December 21, 2013

2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge

Welcome to the 2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge, hosted by Rachel @ Fiktshun and Reanna @ Phantasmic Reads!

Post From Rachel @ Fiktshun:

Let’s be honest here, we all have those books we’ve received for review (whether requested or not!), but we just haven’t gotten to them yet. Or maybe we went a little crazy with the ‘request’ buttons on NetGalley or Edelweiss, and we need to catch up.

That’s what this challenge is for.

And I’m super excited to be co-hosting this event with Reanna. When she offered to help out I was like, “Oh my gosh, yes! That would be awesome!” And contrary to what she might say in her sign-up post, she is more than along for the ride.
So I hope that you’ll join us on this year-long quest to reduce the size of your review book reading pile and maybe by year’s end you won’t be feeling quite as guilty as you were when it started!
If you’re anything like me you feel majorly guilty. Even if you didn’t specifically request those books.

I am excited to be participating because I am backed up on my r2r from authors and other review sites like goodreads and NetGalley!

I will be adding a sidebar marquee of my #RPRC2014 Books.
I fixed my shelf on Goodreads to track my progress I am still looking through my email for any that fell through the cracks. It's exciting and you can join the fun too! Go check out the DEETS above and sign up! It's as easy as that!

Happy Reading!

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