Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cover Reveal Countdown - True Fate Teasers

True Fate
 Cover Reveal Countdown!

The cover reveal for my first book, True Fate is on the 16th!
I am so very excited to share it with everyone!
Almost as excited as Buddy below...

I am doing final edits for True Fate and hoping to get ARCs out after Christmas. This year has been crazy, I have had this blog since August and I started writing in July and I am amazed at the amount of response and support that the writing community has expressed. It's not easy to be both writer and editor not to mention formatter and publicist!
But I am most definitely willing to do what ever it takes to make it happen. I have already begun writing the second book plus two novellas to go with the True Fate series.

Keep Reading for more information and excerpt!

I need to give a special shout out to Toni @ My Book Addiction for getting me bloggers and authors willing to post my cover reveal. I cannot thank you enough!
Then there's Carrie Fort the awesomest MOD on goodreads! The Lovers of Paranormal Group was where my obsessive read and review habit started then that led to encouragement to write and Carrie has been there cheering me on and there when I need her, Thank you for all you do Carrie!
I most definitely need to thank K.A. Last for her amazing skills on my beautiful book cover I look forward to what KILA Designs has in store for the rest of the covers in this series!

Last but most definitely not least J.L. Durfey, you are awesome and I am honored to have your help getting True Fate to be a book that readers will enjoy reading, you are THE beta reader I prayed for but wasn't sure I would find. You tear me up but in such a good way and I'm so grateful. Thank you so much for your input and explaining in detail things I would have trusted Word to fix!

My thanks is not enough but I really do appreciate you and my other betas as well.

Carrie & Shanna, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Thank you all for taking time out of your busy holiday schedules to help me with my dreams, you are amazing!

I know when it is all said and done and my book is in the hands of the readers I will be doing a happy dance!

30 Rock
Well maybe a little more nervous (lol)
 but a happy dance nonetheless!

Two days from now I hope you come back or stop by facebook or twitter and check out my True Fate cover! And don't forget share, share, share!

I'm so excited!

Now on to the Teasers!

Nia & Aaron
Nia looked deep in Aaron's eyes no doubt about what she'd find there. A longing to match her own was deep in his eyes. They each knew what they'd said about taking it slow, but right now she wanted to be in his arms more then she had anticipated. Aaron looked at her questioningly.
'Nia?’ he whispered through their bond.
She didn't answer him, she just took a deep breath and pushed him onto his back placing her head and hand on his chest. His heart sped up as she traced invisible lines that were making him shiver. He put his hand on her wrist and she looked at his eyes again.
That may not be the best idea, but the feeling of completeness she felt looking into those deep pools of blue was too piercing to look away. They stared having another unspoken exchange as verse two boomed through them both.
"Metropolis has nothing on this, you’re breathing in fumes I taste when we kiss.
Take my hand come back to the land where everything's ours for a few hours...."
Nia was done being so careful, at least for that moment. She wanted him to kiss her. She was about to let him know through the bond when he crushed his lips to hers. It was an urgent kiss, like that moment could very well be their last. It seemed to drag on like the fire that was trailing through her insides.
Aaron had self-control to spare but who was he to deny her what she clearly wanted. Maybe they were weak but this made him feel stronger. Their bond was growing impenetrable with each tender kiss he was certain.

Have a wonderful Saturday and as usual...

Happy Reading!


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