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BLOG TOUR - Review - Dust by Devon Ashley

(Of Dust and Darkness #1)
Devon Ashley

4. The number of times my delicate wings have been broken and clamped behind my back.
68. The number inked upon my skin, marking me the sixty-eighth pixie to be stolen.
87. The number of days I’ve been wrongfully imprisoned.
88. The first day the faeries will regret stealing me.
Healthy. Cheery. Vivacious. All traits Rosalie has before becoming enslaved by the faeries to make an endless supply of pixie dust. Now that Rosalie has been traumatized by slave labor, extreme desolate conditions and multiple deaths, this hardened pixie is anything but. When this rebellious teenager attempts an escape, she’s isolated in cramped quarters until she learns her place. Just as she begins to let go of all that hope, she finds an unlikely friend in Jack, the faerie assigned to guard her. Interspecies dating is forbidden in the fae world, so their growing attraction is unacceptable. And even if Jack can find a way to free her, they know the prison is the only place they can truly be together.


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review! Coolest ARC ever!
I love this book! I have never read anything like it seriously!
The whole pixie thing had me thrilled as I was reading. Rosalie's world came to life unraveling before me as my mind literally was enveloped in wonder. It was awesome! I felt giddy reading it too.
Devon Ashley made me laugh. Rosalie's life and the hallow were spectacular I was taken into it immediately. I thought for sure I would fall asleep (because that happens to me when I read laying down) but I had to keep reading! And oh my gawd, when she gets captured I was stunned, even though the blurb had forewarned me.

There's a ton of emotions that you run through in this book and it's very well written too.

I love the dynamic that develops between her and Jack and truly have no complaints about the story. There was a good plot and the story was full and never lacking. The characters were loveable and the villain Finley is truly believable.

I am going to buy the book for my shelves, I recommend it to all of the lovers of fae out there. A really good read!

I think that Rosalie's character as well as Poppy's speaks to a normal dynamic between two best friends. I like that the pixies were just like people emotionally and not different and overly cheery. (Which tends to be annoying to me)

I was delighted throughout the read and enamored along the way and the ending is great and suspenseful. I will be needing book 2 please!

I am glad I got to participate in this blog tour of Dust.
4 of 5 hearts 

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