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REVIEW - Dare To Breathe by M. Homer

New Adult Romance. Can you learn to forget? Sam is plagued by nightmares she can't understand with dark visions of a past she suspects may be her own. When she moves into a new co-ed house, she is drawn to the handsome but aloof Nathan. The housemates welcome in Sam but all withhold their own secrets from her which she knows she needs to unravel to truly understand Nathan. But her past is destined to torment her, can she find the strength to face her fear?


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review by the author.

Samantha is troubled and we see that from the very start, off at college and wearing thin on her roommate’s sleep. “Sam” has nightmares that haunt her as she begins to realize the nightmares might very well be something more like broken memories of a very painful past.

She moves out leaving her tired of waking through the night friend Jess to move into a co-ed house. The distance she has put between herself and other people is quickly cramped with new her new housemates. Two guys and two girls occupy the coed living home that the school sent her to. She is treating it like a fresh start and trying to gain control of her life dreams and all.

Knowing she has needs such as clothes and what not she inquires about anyone in the house knowing about a job and lands a gig at a diner with a pretty awesome staff. She has a million questions that she feels like only her elderly adoptive and loving parents may have. She has a good life except for the dreams and the memory of her little brothers whom she has a pic of them with herself and they have smiles on in the picture.

Her house mates are welcoming and the girls Mandy and Carrie inform her of a “rule” of not getting involved with their resident bad boy and deliciously swoon worthy, Nathan. It’s a vague agreement but she has no problem with it because she feels like she isn’t interested in having a romantic relationship. Sam knows she’s damaged clearly and has always had a problem with physical affection. She has never had a boyfriend or anything close to it.

She wakes from her nightmares teary and most of the time screaming, this time she is startled to find comfort in a pair of strong arms that are soothing. Her troubled suppressed memories plague her life and she seeks help after having a conversation with her mom.

Seeing a shrink has been great for her really it’s helping to sort through her dreams and realize that her nightmares are more of a lingering reality of life before her happy new one with her adoptive parents. It also helps her to work through the new budding uncontrollable feelings that are scaring her for the man with the comforting arms that soothe her back to sleep with such care.

It turns out bad boy Nathan the dark haired gorgeous muscled and tattooed Vet in training is sweet and wants nothing more than to help her through her bad nights and just be there without spilling her secret to the rest of the house. Ben the other guy in the house is resident chef even though they take turns. He is a handsome surfer guy that is destined for chef greatness.

I loved the moments that were just her and Nathan. Nathan was truly a friend and Sam knew she feeling more and the first glimpses that she had of the feelings he had for her were hard for her to sort through but so obvious to me. The vulnerability with the two of them was beautiful and scary all at the same time.

I was so sad at every revelation that was Sam’s past and parts of this story hurt because I saw cases like Sam’s growing up with the kids my Grandparents took in as a Foster parents. The love that she showed those kids was always heartwarming the bravery of the good ones as the CPS workers called them to take in the little damaged souls and shower them with true love and show them that it didn’t matter what they had been told or shown in their life. They deserved to be loved and to be happy. Seeing kids that wouldn’t talk or eat come in and by the time they left them they were healthy and happy, talking and given hope. It was a beautiful thing to see and heartbreaking too to know how cruel some of humanity is.

Things finally get to a good place for Sam and Nathan and they are both working through their troubled pasts together but it isn’t long before things start to unravel and life throws a huge curve!

This story took me through a gauntlet of emotions and I was pleasantly surprised by it. A very good read with a brave story and suspense attached to it. Passion and love that’s both deep and profound. Very well written with an amazing cast of characters.

I really recommend this to any YA Romantic Suspense fans out there.
This book will be on my Top Reads of 2014 beyond a doubt! It was very well written and I love the characters!

5 of 5 Hearts

Dear Readers,

I live in the beautiful country of New Zealand with my very understanding husband, two children, two cats and one fat chocolate Labrador!
I have always loved reading and remember one of my first books being "The Lord of The Rings" Trilogy which I read repeatedly (perhaps that's why I ended up living in NZ?).

My main passion however is writing books about young adult love. This can be graphic and hard to read at times but I believe that these stories need to be told.
I love to write stories about characters based on emotional struggles and how despite these, love can overcome all. After all I believe my characters deserve their happily ever afters...

I really appreciate all and any feedback so please keep them coming!

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