Sunday, February 2, 2014

REVIEW - The Beginning Of Us by Brandy Jeffus Corona

After nine years of marriage, it seems like nothing can help salvage the relationship between Teegan and Jax Donney.

Teegan is given the surprise of her life when she wakes up the next day after Jax has asked for a divorce. Not only is she a teenager again but she and her future ex-husband go to the same school.

After realizing it's not a dream, and she is in fact young again, she tries to live day by day with this bizarre twist of events and finds herself falling in love (again) with Jax.

**mild sex scenes and language, PG 13 rating**

This book was a really great read. We meet Teegan and Jax at the end of it all. Time and life has worn on their love and they just know it's over. Teegan is overcome by the grief of the loss of her forever and crumples to the ground.

Upon waking Teegan realizes things are really different but the 'dream' is so very real. She's thrown back into high school but not the one she went to. She has a best friend and is speechless when she sees a young Jax. Younger than when they met before. They are drawn together but the memory of her daughter and the life she and Jax shared is weighing on her as she's stuck in the past.

This story is so very original and I fell in love with Teeg and Jax. Their story is beautiful and I love the ending so much. Every once in a great ending with no cliffhangers is just refreshing!

I am officially a Brandy Jeffus Corona fan!

5 of 5 Hearts

Brandy Jeffus Corona
I was born and raised in East Texas, grew up with twin sisters and was always a writer.

As a kid, I would stay up late to finish 'one more chapter' or finish writing 'one last scene'. I dabbled in journalism in high school and I have won countless essay and story contests as a young adult. 

I have now settled in North Texas and have finally accomplished my dream of being a published writer! I have two really smart, beautiful and crazy kids and a husband who doesn't like read.

I won't confine myself to any one genre. I like to write romance, inspirational, YA, NA etc. 


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