Friday, March 28, 2014

Promo Event - Love Show by Audrey Bell

Author: Audrey Bell
Release date: January 1, 2014
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Event organized by: WordSmith Publicity

Hadley Arrington is the career-driven editor-in-chief of her university’s prestigious newspaper. Jack Diamond is a laidback student whose good looks have made things even easier than they need to be. She’s the girl who came out of nowhere and kissed him in the rain. He’s the boy who made her do something crazy.

When the stakes seem too high, they have to decide if they’ll let their love show or if they’ll walk away for good.

Jack walked me to the door quietly. When we reached it, he set a hand lightly on my back.
I jumped.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said. He held his hands up where I could see them. He looked at me. “Look, this is really bad timing.”

“What’s bad timing?”

“This,” he said. He bit his lip. “After tailgate I spent a while trying to figure out who you were. But nobody could tell me.”

“Probably because I don’t ordinarily act like that.”

He smiled. “Oh. Well, that’s a shame.”

“For you, maybe.”

“For me, definitely.” He laughed. “So, can I ask you to dinner or is that going to piss you off?”

“I don’t think now’s a good time to talk about dinner.”

“Yeah. I know. Bad timing.”

“It’s always bad timing,” I said.

“That’s too bad.” 

I stepped out of the door.

“Can I ask you a serious question, though?” he said. “Why’d you kiss me?”

I shrugged. “My roommate dared me.”

His face changed. Not dramatically, but enough to know that what I said had been hurtful.

He laughed. “Ha. Of course, of course.” He nodded. “I should’ve thought of that.”

I stared at the mixture of surprise and hurt on his face and swallowed. He’d leave me alone if I left now. But, I wouldn’t like the unsteadiness in my stomach.

I put my hand on the door to keep him from closing it.

“I mean.” I swallowed. “He dared me to kiss someone. And I chose you.” I flushed, as something else crossed his face, and I pulled the door shut before I could say anything else.

Audrey Bell is a writer living in New York.


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