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BLOG TOUR - REVIEW - Unbound by Georgia Bell

Title: Unbound
Author: Georgia Bell

YA Paranormal Romance
After her father dies, Rachel realizes she is scared and stuck. Scared of heights, of cars, of disasters harming the people she loves. Stuck in a life that is getting smaller by the minute. Stuck with a secret she has kept all her life: Someone has been watching over her since birth. Someone who tends to show up when she needs him the most. Someone she believes is her guardian angel.

Eaden is a 1,500-year-old immortal who wants to die. Drained by a life stretched too thin, he has requested his final reward – a mortal sacrifice bred specifically to bring him death. But something went wrong. Rachel’s ability to grant death has mutated in ways that threaten to upset the uneasy alliance between mortals and immortals. And utterly beguiled, Eaden discovers that although Rachel is the key to his death, because of her, he no longer wants to die. And he will do anything to protect her.

Swept into a world of legends, caught between the warring political factions of immortals, and carrying the future of mortal kind in her flesh and bone, Rachel must risk everything to save her world and the man she loves.

This is a beautiful story I have to say.

There is so much going wrong for Rachel, anxiety is a huge part of her life and she feels like she's losing her mind until she gets brave and confronts her shadowy guardian angel. Eaden is so much more than she thought and much to her relief he is every bit as real as she is. But there's a crazy and quite unfair twist to this story, Eaden is immortal and 1500 years old, but that's not the big kicker. The fact that Rachel is the catalyst to his long tortured existence however is. When you live for so long and have no way to die it becomes necessary for there to be a way for you to end your ancient journey, especially when there are some "ancients" who lose their minds from the thousand plus year life spans.

The only thing is she is a different "key" than most, things get complicated but not before Eaden and Rachel make some headway in their relationship. Rachel is so uncertain of Eaden's feelings for her and I loved watching their relationship develop. When everything comes to a head Eaden realizes he needs to whisk Rachel away for her own safety. They go to Scotland to enlist help for their cause. Things begin to unravel rather quickly and the plot is quite unique.

I loved and I mean loved their first date and the trip to Scotland was amazing and descriptive too. The characters were absolutely great and the storyline had a great pace to it as well. I was intrigued the entire read and loved the mixture of history and books in this read. I highly recommend this book!
It is a very good read, swoon worthy read and my sixteen year old cannot wait to get her hands on a copy! I shared a bit about with her and she already has a crush on Eaden but I called dibs! LOL! Oh and the whole guitar thing, loved that! Loved it!

Not a dull moment and filled with depth, mystery, suspense, romance and action. It was a pleasant surprise!

 4 of 5 stars
(This 4 star rating means that I loved the book and it was a great read.
I recommend it highly!)

Georgia Bell was raised on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy, courtesy of her father, a man who loved his family, fishing, scotch, and science (although not necessarily in that order). Georgia is an avid reader of young adult fiction, and a lover of good wine, music, children, and cats (although not necessarily in that order)


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  1. I love the paranormal twist to this book it sounds so unique! I also love the sounds of Rachel she's def. an MC I could root for! Glad you liked it! :)