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BOOK BLITZ - Synchrony (Destiny #2) by Cindy Ray Hale

Release Date: 2014

When her parents discover she’s been sneaking out with Isaac Robinson the forbidden Baptist boy, Mormon girl Destiny Clark decides it’s time to keep their relationship quiet. As their relationship moves to shakier ground, Destiny discovers that Isaac has a terrible secret, and she is left completely shattered.

The moment Destiny feels all hope is lost, Preston Nelson, her longtime church friend and Isaac's bitter rival, arrives like a beacon of light. It isn't long before two separate disasters strike for Preston and Destiny's best friend, Hannah. As Destiny helps them through their issues, she discovers that sometimes the best way to forget about your own problems is to help a friend in need.

Just as her heart begins to mend and her friendship with Preston begins to heat up, Isaac walks back into her life, threatening to rekindle the feelings she’d hoped to bury forever. Will Destiny and Preston find the synchrony they so desperately need, or will she find a way to forgive Isaac and return to his outstretched arms?

My scattered emotions continuously wove themselves around each other chaotically, growing from a few errant threads of thought into a tangled mess, snagging tighter and tighter until I was ready to explode.
I began wailing, and Preston grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled me back, and said, “Destiny, stop.” But I couldn’t. The tears kept coming. Living without Isaac was like being held underwater and being told to breathe. I would take water into my lungs, and it would burn. And eventually, everything would grow dimmer until it became black.
Preston shook my shoulders, jarring me from my despair. “Look at me, Destiny.” I cracked open my eyes and peered into his trustworthy green ones. They were so full of concern. “He’s not worth your tears. Do you hear me?”
I stared back at him. Not worth my tears? Did he have any clue what Isaac really meant to me?
“Don’t let him hurt you worse than he already has. It’s going to be hard for a long time, but you’re going to survive this.”
“How can you possibly know that?” What did he know about getting his heart ripped out? He’d never even had a girlfriend.
A corner of Preston’s mouth quirked up. “Because the Destiny Clark I know is a fighter.”

Dream Cast & Guest Post

The guys of the Destiny Trilogy: Isaac vs. Preston

I love, love, love hearing from my readers. They all seem to have something to say about the guys I write about. There seem to be three separate groupings of people. Team Isaac, Team Preston, and the confused bunch who can't decide who they like. If you haven't heard about this, you should definitely check it out. The competition between Team Isaac and Team Preston is pretty fierce.
Meet Isaac and Preston to see what it's all about.

Isaac Robinson

Celebrity look alike:
Shane Harper from Good Luck Charlie
Isaac is the headmaster's son, a senior, and the student body president at his Baptist high school. He's on the football team and is one of the top singers in Primus. He works for his aunt and uncle's Christian music company and dreams of signing a recording contract with them. Isaac and Destiny fall for each other when they sing in their school's production of Les Miserables.

Religion: Southern Baptist
Age at the start of the series: 17
School: A senior at Bethel Baptist Academy
Hobbies/interests: singing, composing music, playing guitar, playing/watching football
Drives: A black Ford F150 truck

Destiny is attracted to his charismatic personality, his smooth-as-silk singing voice, and the idea that might be willing to sacrifice so much up to be with her.

First Destiny and Isaac kiss:

Isaac reached up and slid the rubber band from my hair, allowing my hair to fall loosely around my shoulders.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. He traced a line down my jaw with his thumb. I raised my eyes to his. They were so dark, so full of promise, so forbidden. I wanted him to kiss me so badly my body trembled with anticipation. I lowered my gaze to his lips and decided in that moment to stop fighting. It was no use. I couldn’t do it anymore.

As though my focus on his mouth had encouraged him, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine, softly at first, and then with such fervor, such passion. I responded immediately, kissing him back as though my life depended on it. It was more potent, more perfect, than any of my dreams. They didn’t even come close. His hands wrapped around the back of my neck, his fingers in my hair. He slid his arms down my back and wrapped them around my waist. We kissed until my knees went weak and I could hardly stand.

I pulled away, gasping for breath, but Isaac pushed me against the trunk of a giant oak tree and leaned in for more. He kissed me hungrily, like a starving man, desperate and wild.

Preston’s voice called through the woods. “Destiny? Isaac? Where are you guys?”

Isaac and I parted, but our eyes stayed glued to each other.

Preston Nelson

Celebrity look alike: 
Christian Lopez, musician
(This one's kind of a given since he's on the cover of Synchrony. He's an awesome, genuine guy!)
Preston is best friends with Destiny's older brother, and she sees him almost every day. He's an Eagle Scout and started a lawn care company to save up for the two year church mission he plans on taking after high school. He spends a lot of time caring for his five younger siblings since his mom is often sick. He loves to tease Destiny, and he's there for her when

Religion: Mormon
School: A junior at Acorn Creek High School
Age at the start of the series: 16
hobbies/interests: painting, poetry, paintball, camping, hiking, playing Mario Kart
Drives: An old white pickup
Destiny is attracted to the way he sacrifices for his family, his strong work ethic, his love for the woods, his passion for poetry and art, his loyalty, and his caring heart.

First Destiny and Preston kiss:

I howled as she shoved snow down the back of my shirt, and we rolled several times down the slope as I struggled to get free. But her arms were locked around my neck. And then, somehow, she was pinned under me. Every vein in my body was on fire as I gazed into her crystal clear blue eyes. She released her arms from her vicelike hold on my neck. Her eyes grew wide and her lips parted slightly as though she’d just realized how close our faces were.

I had no idea what possessed me to do it, or when all reason had suddenly flown from my mind. But as I leaned forward and kissed her tenderly, all I could think about was how beautiful and pure she’d looked lying there in the snow with her hair splayed all around her in wild waves of perfection.

Honestly, if I’d stopped to think about what I was about to do, I never would have been able to go through with it. I mean, come on, how many years had I imagined what it would be like to kiss Destiny Clark? But that had always been pure fantasy. Especially after her nasty breakup. If I’d taken the time to consider kissing her, I would’ve convinced myself that the last thing she’d wanted was a kiss.

As my lips met hers, Destiny froze under me, shocked. At first, I thought she was going to push me off or slap me in the face, but after a moment, her body relaxed beneath me and, miracle of miracles, she wrapped her arms around my torso and pulled me in even closer. Her cold nose brushed mine, and her breath was warm on my mouth as she exhaled. Her lips were amazingly soft as she moved them over mine, and she tasted like…vanilla frosted cupcakes.

I’d never experienced anything so heavenly. It didn’t matter that there was melted snow dripping down my back or that I couldn’t feel my toes anymore. I finally had her arms around me, and she had just kissed me back. My legs could be broken at this point, and it wouldn’t matter.

So what about you? Are you Team Isaac or Team Preston?

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Cindy Ray Hale lives in a little slice of wooded heaven near Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and children. She spends way too much time following up-and-coming musicians on YouTube and dreams of joining their ranks one day. She’s a bit of a health food nut and can’t live without her daily green smoothies. She tries to stay sane as she juggles writing with four kids, staying active on social media, and keeping up her book blog at In addition to writing and self-publishing two Young Adult Contemporary novels, she has also written articles for "New Era" magazine and The American Preppers Network.

For more information on The Destiny Trilogy and Cindy’s upcoming books visit or follow @CindyRayHale on Twitter.

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