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BLOG TOUR - Shot Through The Heart by Matt Cain

Mia Sinclair is the first lady of love, a beautiful goddess known for her romantic roles on the silver screen. But in reality life does not imitate art and love is not as easily found in the real world as it is in the movies. Leo Henderson is the Brit living in L.A, enjoying the lifestyle and photographing the stars when they least expect it. He knows that being a paparazzi has its pitfalls, but he’s living the Hollywood dream and enjoying every minute of it. Billy Spencer, the handsome screen idol of the moment, is sexy, tanned and hiding a secret that could easily end his career as a leading man. When Mia meets Leo, the sparks fly. But is dating a paparazzi the biggest mistake of her life? And as Mia and Billy look to star in the biggest movie of their careers, will their smouldering on screen relationship destroy a chance of happiness before it begins? Shot through the Heart is Matt Cain’s debut novel, a Hollywood tale of romance, heartbreak and the lengths some will go to maintain that unblemished movie star image.

I am a bit torn and here is the hard part of what I do I suppose. This book is a four star read for me.

I was not in love with American Mia using the same clearly British jargon that the foreign and very sexy, I might add, Leo uses. It was off putting to me for her to think and talk that way. I had to keep reminding myself she was American. This does not take away from the story folks but it was a little distracting.

There were grammatical issues that fall in line with the U.K. vs. U.S. way of speaking but the author is in fact from the U.k. so I get it and luckily my friends from the U.k. have taught me plenty to understand it. Granted this is a review copy and we all know that sometimes it's not a final product. So that being said I did love the storyline and plot building in this one alot in fact.

The characters were very well developed and some were even too developed for me. I did find myself thinking "get to the point" a few times. I felt like some of the sideline characters didn't need all that back story, ya know? Okay moving on...

Anyways, I did give it four stars for a reason y'all, so let me elaborate further.

Mia is a great MC , strong and beautiful with an underdog story to make her believable and her swoon worthy love interest is a really great character too. Leo is a tough but warm-hearted sexy, paparazzo who falls for Mia Sinclair the it girl in Hollywood.

Speaking of Hollywood, I loved delving into the scene and getting down and dirty with the paparazzi too! I really liked the vileness that the vicious Violet exuded, man, she was absolutely brutal! Oh! No way can I leave out the hunky and all around great guy and leading man, Billy Spencer! He was one of my favorite characters although he seemed a bit disturbed and not in a bothering sort of way but perhaps a mentally unstable sort of way, by his past and it was harped on a bit much but it wasn't bothersome so just making an observation. I worried for a bit, LOL.

The building romance seemed a bit short to me between Leo and Mia it jumped too much time in their getting to know each other for me. But hey, it couldn't be a thousand pages right?

Now we get down to the nitty gritty and enter the evil Violet who has Billy and Mia, co-stars of a new movie, "show-mancing" (romance just for show) away, and it puts a strain on her new relationship with hot paparazzo Leo.

Now don't get me wrong, even though I got a bit distracted by the explanations and felt like I was reading the part of the Bible where Shem begot Sham, that doesn't mean this was not a good read, because it was.
Especially if Matt Cain plans on following this cast of characters through a series of books.

I would totally read book two in a flash! No doubt.

For NA Romance it is a great debut novel that just needs a little polishing up is all.

I would definitely give it a shot if I were you, it's a new spin on a love story! I love the Hollywood vibe and the individuality expressed by the characters as much as the red carpet feel of it!

I was thrown for a loop or twelve in this read and I loved the unpredictable nature of it. Huge chunks of juicy gossip padded it's roughness for me. The emotional roller coaster was great and that is always a plus where I am concerned! And the ending well I am no spoiler so mums the word! You'll have to read it for yourself!

I recommend it and say read it! I really think that you will see in the end that although it's a slightly flawed tale it is definitely a page turner! Leo alone makes it worth the read and Mia and Billy bring it home! Great book, and definitely a good read!

4 of 5 stars


Matt Cain became Channel 4 News' first ever Culture Editor in 2010. Since then he’s reported on everything from the Man Booker Prize and the Mercury Music Prize to the opening of the Spice Girls musical and the death of Whitney Houston.
Matt has over twelve years’ experience working in arts television.
As Producer/Director of The South Bank Show, his credits include films on Ian McKellen, Sam Taylor-Wood, Will Young and Carol Ann Duffy. He’s also written for The Times, presented the series What Makes a Masterpiece? for More4, and contributes a monthly column to Attitude magazine. He's judged the South Bank Show Awards, the Stonewall Awards and will be on the panel for next year's Costa Book Awards. Born in Bolton and educated at state schools, Matt went to Cambridge University before moving to London.



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