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BOOK BLITZ - Channel 20Something by Amy Patrick

Channel 20Something by Amy Patrick
(20Something #1)
Publication date: August 12th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

From award-winning author and two-time GOLDEN HEART® finalist Amy Patrick comes a New Adult contemporary series about twenty-somethings entering the world of TV broadcasting, where what happens behind the scenes is the real news.

22-year-old Heidi Haynes is almost one year into her “real life”. She has her first reporting job, her first apartment, and a comfortable relationship with her college sweetheart. But for some reason she’s not as eager to talk about walking down the aisle as he is.

Heidi secretly longs for big cities, big-market breaking news, and real independence from her way-too-close-by helicopter parents. Problem is, the last time she left the security of home for new places and new people, things didn’t go so well. Disastrously, in fact, and she came running back to a local college and a “safe” boyfriend.

Aric Serrano is definitely not safe.

He’s six-feet-four-inches of missing-Hemsworth-brother-hotness and plans to stay in small-market-Southern-Hell just long enough to grab a cup of coffee and put together a kick-ass “escape tape”. He’ll serve his one-year contract, then he’s taking off for a higher rung on the TV sports ladder—alone—the way he likes it. Then he meets his new co-anchor.

Heidi would be so much more comfortable if she could simply ignore Aric. He’s just her type—the type she’s so careful to avoid these days. But that becomes impossible when she's forced to work closely with him on the weekend newscast. Now the attraction between them is growing even faster than the ratings, and what happens behind the scenes is the real news.

I opened the door to the parking lot and was relieved at first to see the rain had slowed to a drizzle. Then I saw my car and groaned. 

My Mini was sitting in a huge puddle that had definitely not been there when I’d arrived for work today. I would have to wade through it to get in. At least I was still wearing my rain boots. I crunched across the gravel lot, sinking into the ground with each soggy step.
When I reached my car, the full scope of my dilemma became clear. The newly-formed lake surrounding it was so deep, if I opened the driver’s side door, the water was going to flood inside. I walked around to the passenger side to see if perhaps the level was lower there. Nope. Even worse. 

What was I going to do? Daddy could’ve easily towed my car out with his pickup truck, but he’d been asleep for a couple hours by now. “Well, shoot,” I muttered.
“Language, language, please.” 

The teasing voice behind me drew shivers from my rain-damp skin. I turned to see Aric’s large form approaching, framed by the security light behind him. Was the warmth suffusing my body relief, or something else? I swiveled my head to scan the parking lot. His Tahoe was there. I’d been so focused on the sight of my poor drowning car I hadn’t noticed his still parked across the lot. 

When he reached me, he pulled off his rain jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders, drawing the hood up over my hair. It was so warm. The scent I’d noticed the first night we met surrounded me, threatening to make me light-headed. 

“Thanks,” I breathed, looking up into his face. His cheeks were becoming coated in a light mist. My fingers, warm inside his jacket, twitched with the urge to reach up and brush the moisture away from his smooth skin. “I didn’t know you were still here.”

Aric pulled the sides of the jacket closed around me. “I waited for you. I wanted to make sure you got back okay.” His smile set my insides to a low simmer. “So, it looks like what we have here,” he said, “is the little engine that couldn’t.”

I glanced over at my water-logged car. “Poor Minnie Mae. Do you think the water’s getting inside?” 

“Minnie Mae? You gave your car a grandma name.” He chuckled. “I think as long as the doors stay closed, the seal will keep it out of there. But—you won’t be taking… uh… Minnie Mae home tonight.” 

Standing with his hands on his hips, Aric surveyed the situation, then glanced back at my face. Raindrops decorated the crown of his head, illuminated with the reflected shine of the building’s exterior lights. His eyes narrowed, and his lips twisted in a calculating expression.
“You know, I’d like to offer you a ride, but I did promise not to extend any more unwanted invitations.” His voice trailed off in a questioning note as he studied my face.  

I gave him a rueful grin, putting on an overly-polite voice. “Would you mind giving me a ride home? I would really appreciate it.” 

He furrowed his brow, shaking his head dubiously. “Well… if you’re sure you want it, and it’s entirely your idea… I’d hate to pressure you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Aric… will you, pretty please with Cool Whip and rainbow sprinkles on top, give me a ride home? You will have my undying gratitude.” 

Aric put a hand to his chin, as if he was giving the matter deep consideration. “I like Cool Whip.” He grinned at me. “And undying gratitude. Let’s go.”

What sets your book apart from other New Adult books on the market?

I think CHANNEL 20 SOMETHING is unique in that it gives the reader a peek inside a profession not many have inside access to, TV news, and what it’s like for people just starting out in the broadcasting business. Because that was my career for 12 years, I’m able to write about it in an informed way while telling an entertaining and romantic story. I also focus more heavily on the romance than the sex in my series. There are some hot scenes, but CHANNEL 20 SOMETHING and the upcoming books fall more into the category of fun and flirty than erotic romance.

What made you decide to write New Adult romance?

I think it’s a fantastic time period in life to write about because SO MUCH happens during the years you’re 18-26, and the decisions you make during that time can determine the entire direction of your life (yeah, no pressure there). There’s probably no other time of life that holds more possibility or more romance than those years. My own life during that time was an exciting, crazy, wonderful mess. I did so many stupid things, but also many amazing things, and I’m sure a lot of people can say the same.

Your main character Heidi grew up in a small Mississippi town, but always longed to get away, go exciting places or see exciting things. Where did you dream of going when you were in high school and college?

I always wanted to visit Hawaii, and I grew up without a lot of money, so that was a real dream. I did have the opportunity to vacation there a few years ago when I worked in California, so I can check that one off the list. Career-wise, I dreamed of making it to New York, the top news market, and working at the network someday. As I got older and further along in my TV news career, I did have the chance to do that, but my dreams had changed by then.

Anywhere you still dream of travelling?

I’ve never been to Europe, and I especially want to see Italy, Greece, and Paris. I’m betting that if things work out for Heidi and Aric, they *might* choose one of those locations for their honeymoon… someday. =)

Is the next book in the 20 SOMETHING series a continuation of Heidi and Aric’s story, or does one of the secondary characters get their own story?

There’s no cliffhanger ending. You’ll get a full, satisfying ending for Heidi and Aric, though they’ll make appearances in the other 20 SOMETHING novels. Book 2 will focus on Mara as its main character, and Book 3 is Kenley’s story.

Biggest celebrity crush?

As you may have guessed from the story blurb for CHANNEL 20 SOMETHING, I have a little thing for Chris Hemsworth. Liam’s up there on my list, too. And I have a huge crush on Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the Marvel movies.

Thank you so much for having me here today. I’m thrilled to be a guest on your blog!

Amy is a two-time Golden Heart finalist (2013 and 2014) who writes Young Adult fiction as Amy DeLuca and New Adult romance as Amy Patrick.  She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two sons and actually craves the heat and humidity of Mississippi, where she grew up. She's been a professional singer and news anchor and currently narrates audio books as well as working as a station host for a Boston TV station.

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