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BLOG TOUR - Eternal Night by Carina Adly MacKenzie

Title: Eternal Night
Author: Carina Adly MacKenzie

There are gods among us...

Six young gods are hiding in plain sight among mortals, living secretly in cities across the world. From lavish penthouse soirees to pulsing underground clubs, for them, the party literally never ends. Until now.

On a hot June morning, the body of a beautiful girl is found floating in the rooftop pool of the Jefferson Hotel, her white-ink tattoos revealing the story of a life much longer than seems possible. Only the immortals know the truth: Nadia was the goddess of hope. Now she’s gone, and the world as they know it is ending. The Hudson River has turned blood red. Storms rage overhead. Mania is rapidly spreading across the globe.

It is up to the remaining gods—Lola, Dean, Weston, Mark, Nike and Peitha—to put aside centuries of betrayal and heartbreak, and stop the mysterious source of darkness that is taking over… before the sun sets forever.

Carina Adly MacKenzie, writer for The CW's hit series "The Originals," has penned a steamy, romantic, and ultimately redemptive story of forgotten gods, the persistence of hope, and the power of love to save us.


 I wanted to love this book and I did love some things about it but I felt a little overwhelmed in the revolving character department. It would have been easier I think if it was not written in the third person. That was a little off putting. Maybe if we were in the first person I could have connected better with the characters... Who knows?

Eternal Night starts great and definitely grabbed my attention then we got into explaining and I got a bit frustrated but granted I had no questions in my mind about dynamics and back stories and how it all intertwined so it was necessary really.. I loved the characters and the plot was good just a bit scattered for my taste. I love Greek Mythology in general so I was loving every bit of that. I never had that I don't want to read this feeling so that is definitely a plus. i was entertained and intrigued. All in all it is a good read if you don't mind the third person character jumping and I know there are people who don't so don't bypass this great story on my word alone. I think the storyline, plot and characters are enough to keep you reading and being glad you did!

I loved the climax of the story and I LOVED the ending!! LOVED it!

I recommend this book for lovers of Greek Mythology indeed!


What’s your favorite memory in NYC?

I’ve had a lot of NYC adventures. When I was in high school my friends and I would take the train into the city from Connecticut and buy fake IDs on Bleeker street and then go out, and I remember feeling reckless and young and invincible. Once at a party I looked across the room as Scott Foley hugged Joshua Jackson, and experienced a kind of catastrophic joy that basically disrupted my own personal space-time continuum. Recently my friend Colin Donnell invited me to go backstage after seeing his Broadway show,  Violet, and as a total musical theater nerd, that was definitely a moment I’ll always remember.

But really, my very best memories of NYC are just dinners with friends. Some of my favorite people in the world live in NYC – my sisters, and also the friends who have known me the longest. The ones who have seen me through awkward stages and angsty stages and awful stages, the ones who I can always count on to find time for dinner, every time I roll through town. Those are my best memories – sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in some little restaurant downtown, drinking wine and sharing stories with people I miss terribly when I’m away.

Describe your perfect day in NYC!

First thing’s first: I would take absolutely zero subways. That’s how you know I’m not a true New Yorker – I hate subways. I would take cabs everywhere. (On my perfect day, I have just won the lottery.)

I’d start my perfect day with a blueberry muffin at Dean and Deluca and spend a half hour pretending to be Felicity and waiting for Noel to show up. When he inevitably didn’t show up, because he is fictional, I would go get my hair done at Drybar in Murray Hill because no day is perfect without perfect hair, let’s be honest. I’d cab it down to Housing Works bookstore and just hang out there and browse or listen to a reading. Housing Works is my single favorite place in all of New York, and I could happily spend an entire day there, but I’d try to leave in time to meet my sisters for lunch at Shake Shack (calories don’t count on perfect days). Then I’d do some shopping. I’d probably hunt down a Dunkin Donuts because we don’t have them in LA, and I miss their iced coffee so much.

I’d meet all of my high school friends for early dinner at Rubirosa, which is the best little Italian restaurant, and I’d try to finish in time to catch a show. I recently saw Violet on Broadway, which was incredible, but I also love going to smaller productions – a friend of mine was in a play at the Lucille Lortel Theater last year, and I loved the intimacy of it… and not having to brave Times Square. After the show, I’d have a glass of wine on a rooftop (any rooftop) and then I’d go back to Le Parker Meridien hotel to sleep.

Carina Adly MacKenzie grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she boldly defied the no-reading-at-the-dinner-table rule time and time again. After studying English at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Carina moved to Los Angeles to pursue a writing career. Carina was a television critic and entertainment reporter for Zap2it.com, the Los Angeles Times, and Teen Vogue, among other publications. Currently, she spends her days obsessing over vampire sibling rivalry as a writer for The CW's new drama, "The Originals." She loves coffee, Twitter, and her little dog Pacey. Eternal Night is her first novel. 


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