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BLOG TOUR - Break My Bones by Shawn McGuire

Break My Bones by Shawn McGuire
(The Wish Makers #2)
Publication date: September 1st 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Everyone makes mistakes. Crissy’s just might kill her. 
Seventeen-year-old Crissy Sheets was so sure Brad was the one, she believed him when he swore the first bruise was an accident. She believed him when he told her he loved her after the second. Now trapped in an abusive relationship with no idea of how to get out, she’s all but given up on ever having the life she dreams of. With little to lose, Crissy wishes for a better future.

She’s told her wish has been granted, but nothing has changed. Her house is still a dump, her mother is still drinking, and Brad still wants to control her every move. Then Lance moves into the house across the yard. He’s hot, chivalrous, and wants to help Crissy break free. Will standing up for herself push Brad too far?


I'm so totally excited because I really really loved book 1! Sticks & Stones was just my kind of YA Fantasy! Break My Bones was a really great sequel to the first book! I like it when a series makes a jump to a side character. I like that Desiree is someone we get to get a better glimpse at. I was floored with Crissy's story. So unbelievably mad! 

Now I do like it when the author tackles the rough stuff, the stuff no one really wants to talk about. So so many teen girls deal with abuse. The statistics are staggering to be honest. We totally need more light shone in the darkness on the subject of abuse. Brad is a douche, there's no easy way to say it LOL!
I cried and laughed and smiled and frowned it was an all involved read for sure!

The story pulled together well and the plot as hard as it was, was a good one. I like the series plot really the idea of wishes not from a genie.. love that!

I think if you like YA Fantasy you will fall in love with this series! I recommend both Sticks and Stones & Break My Bones!

Shawn McGuire is the author of young adult, coming-of-age novels that blend contemporary settings with a touch of fantasy and magic. She started writing after seeing the first Star Wars movie (that’s episode IV) as a kid: she couldn’t wait for the next one so wrote her own episodes. Sadly, those notebooks are long lost, but her desire to write is as strong now as it was then. She grew up in the beautiful Mississippi River town of Winona, Minnesota, the small town that inspired the setting for Sticks and Stones and the upcoming Break My Bones. After graduating college she moved to the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) where she lived for many years. She and her family now call Colorado home and when not writing or reading, Shawn enjoys cooking and baking, crafts, interior decorating, and spending time hiking and camping in the spectacular Rocky Mountains.


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