Monday, September 29, 2014

BLOG TOUR - Eren by Simon P. Clark

Simon P. Clark

Tell the story to its end,' says Eren with a grin. His yellow eyes are glowing like embers in the night.
'When I reach the end,' I say, 'what happens? You'll have the whole story.'
'Hmm,' he says, looking at me and licking his lips with a dry, grey tongue. 'What
happens then? Why don't we find out?'
People are keeping secrets from Oli. His mum has brought him to stay with his aunt and uncle in the countryside, but nobody will tell him why his dad isn't with them. Where is he? Has something happened? Oli has a hundred questions, but then he finds a secret of his own: he discovers the creature that lives in the attic.
Eren is not human.
Eren is hungry for stories.
Eren has been waiting for him.
Sharing his stories with Eren, Oli starts to make sense of what's happening downstairs with his family. But what if it's a trap? Soon, Oli must make a choice: learn the truth - or abandon himself to Eren's world, forever.

A good fantasy for MG readers indeed! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got lost in this book. I don't read a whole lot of middle grade but this book kept me wanting to know what happened next! I loved the world of mystery created by Simon Clark it was magical and I wanted to be there right along with Oli! For a collection of short stories it played out very well in my mind.  It was fun and scary and a bit creepy and I never would have guessed at the ending either, it left me with a gasp and my mouth agape! LOL!

I liked that it had a playful edge at least for me. Honest though I wouldn't change a thing in it. I am definitely going to purchase copies for all of my mid grade readers in my life because it's just a very fun and fantastically magical read! Eerie and exciting!

I recommend it really to anyone who loves literature and good writing because this is just that extremely well written so that it encompasses you in it. Left me reeling in the end! 
Get your copy today! you won't regret it in the least!

Hello, there. The above is true - I'm a British writer now living in the U.S. I moved to Japan after I left university, and while there met my (American) wife.
I haven't always been an avid reader, but I made up for lost time by deciding I wanted to be an author when I was about thirteen. Since then, a lot has changed, but that dream - of writing stories and sharing them - hasn't died. Next year my debut novel will be published and I am rather excited about the whole thing.

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