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Review~Talented (Talented Saga #1) by Sophie Davis


When Talia Lyons was just a child, her parents were murdered before her eyes. Offered a choice between accepting their fate and exacting revenge, Talia trains to become one of the country’s deadliest assassins in order to kill the man responsible for their deaths: Ian Crane. Luckily, Talia was born with a gift- the ability to read and influence the minds of others. At sixteen, Talia is poised to graduate from the McDonough School for the Talented, where she learned to control her abilities. Now there is only one obstacle standing between her and the retribution she craves... Talia herself.

Her greatest asset may also be her undoing; while a formidable weapon in the field, Talia’s talents prevent her from both shutting off the mental connection she shares with her questionable boyfriend and blocking out the thoughts of a beguiling fellow recruit. But Talia can’t afford to have the feelings and distractions of a normal teenage girl, when her life is far from normal.

She must regain the single-minded determination that has brought her this far, or it may cost Talia her life when she finally faces Crane. And even after being molded in to a weapon of war, she’ll still have to find the strength it takes to pull the trigger.

If James Bond and Sookie Stackhouse had a love child with a yearning for vengeance, her story would be TALENTED: an adventure about powerful teenagers who aren’t afraid to embrace their fears and fight for what they believe in

I received this book in exchange for an honest review via Lovers of Paranormal Group! :)

I love Natalia! She is a very relatable character.
The entire cast is well thought out and described well too.
You really get pulled into Hunter's Village.
I was happy, sad, mad and hurt right along with Talia. Man my fingernails suffered on her missions!
I love the plot and the twists as well. ! I like the introductions to the friends and fellow pledges. I also like the world created around it.

There's a lot of substance and she's so normal but not. I especially love her interactions with Donavan especially after the cat's out of the bag! LOL! I think that Mac is hiding something huge. He's hot then cold in his affections for her and the end really leaves the mind to wonder!!
Her mission with Henri and Erik was awesome!
Especially what Erik does for her... Just amazing!
Things go bad and good and crazy and it was a thrill to read!

I love the plot and the twists as well. I cannot wait to read Caged!

And oh.... my gawd! Her solo mission was intense!!! I was shaking my leg uncontrollably and biting my nails until the last page! And wow! I am so glad I have Caged to read now!!

Ummm yeah....Definitely recommend this series!

You can find the spoilers HERE

Sophie moved to Washington, D.C. after graduating from Penn State University to pursue a career in the Sciences.  After deciding to actually write down one of the stories she makes up in her head, Sophie began the long journey towards her first full-length novel, Talented.  Caged is her second novel, and the second in the Talented Saga.  Hunted, the third novel in the Talented Saga is available now.  
The final installment in Talia's story, Created, will be released in Summer 2013!  
PAWN will be the first book in Sophie's new series, the Nightmares Trilogy, and is set for  April 26, 2013 release.   
When Sophie isn't hunched over her computer, she can be found shopping in Georgetown, running in Rock Creek Park, or at the local dive bars in her Columbia Heights Neighborhood.

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  1. I was definitely seriously into this book. I had personal issues with family that put a damper on my review but I will revisit this one and write more about it.