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- Tuesday Teasers! - True Fate -

"Tuesday Teasers"


(From Chapter 1 "Crashed")

Preoccupied with correcting her auto correct fiasco, formerly known as a text, she slams hard into what she's certain is a body.

Her messenger bag hits the linoleum with a crack! She's hoping beyond hope that it wasn't her MP3 player. Nia stifles a groan while digging in her bag. A hand comes into her vision and a decidedly male voice says, "I'm so sorry, please, let me help you up."

Nia hadn't even really looked at who she ran into, but was sure to have pink cheeks. She spends so much time in her head, she doesn't ever notice much around her. Right now she's speechless, staring at the lightest blue eyes she has ever seen, igniting her blood like it was on fire. The tips of her fingers tingle from his touch and her heart feels like it's running on rocket fuel. She can't shake the shuddering warm butterflies infiltrating her insides.

"Oh, no, it was my fault. I.....I wasn't looking where I was going.", she replied shyly not able to look away. 'Who was this weird girl!?' She internally chided herself.
Was she the only one feeling this hum of energy? It was an almost tangible feeling, but by the odd look on his face of familiarity mixed with wonder. 'Maybe he feels it too', she thought.

His radiant smile made a dimple in his cheek, causing her breath catch in her throat. "Nah, it's okay, really.", he simply replied. She gave a small smile biting the inside of her cheek and took that moment to look him over. He's not too short and not too tall, if she had to guess he was five, nine or five, ten. With short hair that's dark as night. She noticed black scrolling peeking out of his barely rolled up sleeve's on his light olive skin. His comfortable attire was almost her favorite part. She was utterly embarrassed to be caught enjoying the view. But she knew she had indeed been caught. She could tell by the confident look on his face, almost approving her ogling. 'Snap out of it Nia!', she shook herself mentally.

Trying to coax herself to speak again, for fear of seeming like a total creeper just staring at him. 'Say something!', she commanded herself as she fumbled a question out, "Well... maybe... I mean if you're not here with someone or, umm..... do you wanna have lunch with me?", Nia asked wanting to kick herself. 'That was smooth, real smooth. Ugh!', she thought.

He held out his hand for the second time and his dimple ingnited fully, causing Nia to gape like an absolute fool, "Name's Aaron Pierce and I would absolutely love to."
Placing her palm in his she got to her feet, "Epifania De La Garza. But you can call me Nia."

Shayna Varadeaux Books © 2013 (All Rights Reserved)

Excerpt from
True Fate (True Fate #1)
Shayna Varadeaux

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