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REVIEW - Angelstone by Hanna Peach

Hanna Peach

Dark Angel #2

After escaping from the Hollows, Jordan takes Alyx and Israel to Aradale, a secret Rogue community, where they appear to be safe , for now. But did they bring the enemy with them? “Mini”, the strange and speechless young girl they rescued from the Hollows, is not as she seems. Why was Elder Michael keeping her locked up? What is she hiding?
Out in the mortal cities, pieces of Black Stone, the only material that can disrupt the angels’ healing abilities, continue to be stolen to make weapons for Samyara’s dark army. Alyx and her friends must stop them, but this means infiltrating holy and guarded places to steal the Black Stone − a monastery in remote China, a mosque in Saudi Arabia, an art gallery in Florence and a cathedral in Peru.
Can they win this deadly race against the Darkened?

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
(Lovers of Paranormal) :)

***Re-cap from Angelfire!!
Alyx is an ungifted earthbound angel. She has uncovered a conspiracy to unlock the realm gates of both Heaven and hell to earth. The key... a child born to a Seraphim and half human half demon. That's what Mayrekk her DreamWalker tutor and bloodink provider to the Seraphim, suspected that Israel, the human with demon sight, is. Therefore the relationship personal and intimate had to be stopped between the bonded pair.
After being betrayed by her childhood friend and hurt by the man she loves but is bound to protect in an ancient way she finds solace in Jordan. He's a Rogue or a lightwarrior gone free-thinker. She can never return to her home of Michealea because they think she's betrayed her people. Her enemy Michael is the Lead Elder of the Seraphim.
The lines are drawn but they are also blurred. Who can she trust? Only time will tell. And what about Mini. She was imprisoned in the Hallows, but why?
They will be leaving Tara to go to Aradale a Rogue Compound or Community***

We meet up with Alyx in Tara before leaving for Aradale, she finds some interesting stuff about Yael... She and Israel aren't "together" and they're both miserable. Miscommunication really sucks!
Anyways they move to Aradale as soon as Israel is up and running again. In Aradale a plan is made to find the meteorites and dark metal before Samyara gets ahold of it.
She's having trouble adjusting to the freethinker ways but is fascinated by some things while others are just too much to handle. She's making friends allies and quick enemies.
With gained knowledge and shocking revelations. You couldn't keep me from reading on!!!
I got a cold in the middle of reading this book and I was still determined to read through. I was in and out of a medicine haze but addictively reading!
I am definitely a Hanna Peach fan!!
I love this series!!!
The characters and the world they live in, the details... the new characters, the fiery interactions, the depth and feeling of every person's story. I laughed cried was annoyed and angry, sad and heartbroken. Loved every second of it! My heart ached for Mini and close the end I was crushed and in tears. Feeling every emotion and agonizing pain... I just... wow. I cannot wait to see how things play out next!
Come on Angelsong!

Alyx is in a Dreamscape running for her life learning to evade and get free like Jordan did from Michael.
She's training in Tara.

She and Israel have a wedge between them. Israel's obsession to make Adere human again and Alyx's newfound knowledge that he may be half demon. And that if she turns out to be pregnant with his child it would be a keye to unlock hell.
Samyara is making an army and meteorites are being stolen to arm them. The weapons made from the meteorite wounds angels like they are human....

Israel seems to be sulking in his weakness. He is recovering slowly from Cerebus poison. When Alyx, Israel and Mini are left alone at Tara Alyx tries to help him down the stairs. He says he doesn't need her. This only twists the blade of hurt protruding in her heart.
After that they avoid each other again.... *sigh*

Passar the lightwarrior turned traitor is thinking of Elijah his lost love.
He betrayed his people on the promise of getting Elijah back. Samyara has promised him that.
He is resolved to do whatever it takes for Samyara to get Eli back to him.

Israel's feeling better and less stiff. He goes for a walk and asks Jordan to teach him to withstand magics. Jordan is quick to agree. They start immediately. It's obvious the two of them are jealous of each other!
They have a productive day but apparently Israel doesn't want to be saved enough to fully shield himself.

When they get back Marin has returned with news of a dead FreeThinker with Israel's name carved across the stomach.
Israel is racked with guilt but Alyx assures him there is none.
Jordan says they leave for Aradale tonight!
Before leaving Alyx finds threads from a Siana to Yael. Siana was a new Free Thinker wanting Yael to join her. She had been taken in by Lukas.

Alyx carries Mini and Israel hangs on to Jordan as they go to Aradale.

Samyara is frustrated he cannot get into Israel's mind to find him and Passar is there and tells him about Mini.
He can try with her....

Now in Aradale they meet Ky Lukas's son and Ana his wife... she's the physician. They also meet the leader of the community, Tobias.
They agree to keep their guardian bond a secret.
They all get settled in their rooms, Israel and Alyx have a spat about Jordan.
Ky is taken with Mini and stays with her while Alyx goes to talk to Tobias.
Ky is teaching Mini words when she leaves them. She runs across a lady who apparently steals memories. And why did she call her the ghost of the one who lost it all....? Hmm, I think this may have to do with her mom....
Any who Jordan, who is annoying me already, stops the MemoryThief right before she touches Alyx's head. He then tells her to stay away from her and never let her touch her.
He takes her to Tobias' office.
Israel's already there and is clearly not happy at Alyx and Jordan arriving together. They talk to Tobias and make the plan to locate all of the dark metal or meteorites.
They are to continue their training while they wait.
Jordan takes Alyx to Purgatory (it's a bar where Seraphim, demons and humans can all go and never cross into each others worlds) she's freaked by the prospect of mingling with demons. She is introduced to Balthazar and is quick to say no when he offers her a communication bug.
It would be easy for them to find her and she doesn't trust him.
I understand that.
He is a greater demon after all! Jordan's not exactly happy with her about that.
He frequents Purgatory obviously.
Alyx storms out of Purgatory followed by Jordan.
They're attacked by the darkened and helped by Balthazar and Javar. They go back to Aradale and Jordan tells her how he feels.
Later Ana puts in her input on Alyx's love life. Alyx figures out Ana is Siana. She's summoned by Tobias via Israel and Him and Jordan are on either side of her when she's told they've found her best friend Elysia dead with Alyx's name carved into her abdomen. How crushing! Alyx vows to get Samyara for Elysia's sake.

Israel and Alyx have volunteered to get info on the Black Stone through the internet. They have to go alone, (yay!) to a library.
Israel is quick to relax Alyx's jumpy behavior and takes her hand and all her worry melts away. *sigh*
They research the black stone meteorites and statues and find a lot has been stolen. It just doesn't look good. They return and tell Tobias what they found. Alyx goes to check on Mini and can't find her and Israel joins the search.
They find her wild and bloody mouthed from feeding on an animal.
She's taken to Dianne a MemorySong and she reads and projects Mini's memories and in doing so makes her relive Michael's sexual assault on her trying to produce a child with her, a keye.
Let me just say I hope Michael dies a slow and painfully agonizing death!!! I wanted at that moment to reach into the book and snap his neck personally!
Alyx grabs Mini and has some words for Dianne the wicked wench. "Touch her again and I'll kill you." Go Alyx!! And that was after she knocked her on her keister!

They lock Mini up in a room with locks from the outside for her own safety it turns out Samyara knows about her.
That night Alyx uses the last of her DreamWalker ink to draw out Michael and almost kills him and her included but she was saved by Israel, awoken by him holding her.
She tells him the things she found out from Michael.
He holds her as she let's herself fall apart for the first time in forever, safe in his arms.
They spent that night together it was beautiful.....
She wakes alone and reaches out through their bond and finds him in distress and goes to him. Dianne, Tobias and Jordan want in his head to see if he's a half demon. Something Alyx had heard from Mayrekk but not had the chance to tell him about.
It all hits the fan! He's half of something he loathes.
And he's angry she knew and didn't tell him... really angry.
Israel goes to be alone and meets Xiang.
He hears her and Vix's story and has hope of helping Adere. And therefore being free of her.
Dianne is blackmailing Alyx about Israel and her intimacy....
She wants Alyx and Mini gone now!
For the sake of Aradale.
She flies away to clear her head before she decides to fry Dianne. She runs into a bird speaks to it with her hidden animale tattoo. She saves the bird from an eagle and it swears itself to her but instead she takes the bird called Piki to Sparrow at a NightRace.
She winds up in the NightRace. Versus two opponents.
She won and got the needed info from the race keeper. Samyara had been there looking for her and info on the black stones.
She got the same info on the black stones and shared it with Tobias. They set out to steal the stone first casing the places where it was. Alyx and Jordan went to Italy and had to stay the night.... in one room... ugh!
Which Jordan left her alone in...yay... after she told him her and Israel had been together, "together" and she still has feelings for him. But she said it was over. Then... apologized!? Really!??
Meanwhile Israel and Vix, who Alyx is jealous of because she's clueless, are checking out Vix's old monastery in China. They meet the elder and Israel is tested then the Elder says there's much to talk about....
And alone... just he and Israel.
Alyx saw through the bond during Israel's" test" and knows now he's in China with Vix.
Now jealous girl is having trouble sleeping.
She realizes in her anger and jealousy she's in love with Israel.
Next morning her and Jordan are on there way to see the inside of the galleria.
He tells her he wants to be there for her.
A friend seemingly understanding that she still has feelings for her first... Israel.
They go case the Galleria.

Meanwhile Israel is with the Elder....
He is teaching him to harness powers he didn't even know he had. He assumes half demon means half evil or bad.
He learns a lot but not as much or thoroughly as he may soon need.
Once everyone returned to Aradale it's time for Dianne to project what happened on each trip.
Vix and Israel convince Tobias the black stone in the monetary is safer there than anywhere else.
With the other stones there's security they'll have to breech and it just so turns out Israel knows a guy. He says just him and Alyx need to go. Alyx finds herself back with the Saints Clan. Mason would be the perfect IT for the job. Only he made a promise not to hack again but Israel tells him Seraphim are dying.
He agrees to go.
Alyx drops off Israel first and goes back for Mason who she blindfolds. Once in Aradale it's time to see how the others react to having Mason there.
Everyone was welcoming as it was just the group that Alyx had become accustomed to. They make their plans...well Alyx and Israel do.
Mason asks Alyx and Israel to escort him to his room.
After they get him settled Israel says it's time to talk.
And oh what a talk it was and oh baby well no baby. But wow just wow!
Things move quickly after that or my reading picked up... Alyx, Jordan and Dianne secure the way in. Then Israel plants Mason's device. Its now time to put all their plans to action. Israel and Vix are not going on these missions so they plan to go look for Adere.
Alyx has an internal battle to trust him but she has to if things are to ever get better between them.
Tobias and Omniya get out by the skin of their teeth thanks to Tobias' quick thinking and they are out with the black stone.

Meanwhile Israel and Vix are checking the house Israel had been held captive in. They are looking for clues of where they may have gone Adere and then greater demons.

Jump to Samyara and Adere going to where they were summoned.
Apparently they left cameras at the house where Israel and Vix were. Adere has told Samyara he'd come looking for her again....
Samyara sends Adere for Israel and says to kill Vix.

Meanwhile Alyx and Jordan are at the Galleria. Things are going good then go way bad and they barely made it out in tact.
As they are almost in the clear Alyx slips into Israel's thoughts unwilling and sees that he's definitely in distress. She sees Adere. Crap! She tells Jordan she has to go to Israel.
He hopes she's careful.
When she gets to the demon house she finds a cloaked bloodied body but it's not Israel or Vix. She searches the house.
There's another body at the top of the stairs and it's Israel.
Cue the world spinning.....!!!
She slowly touches his shoulder to turn him hoping beyond hope it's not him when she feels his warmth...*exhale*
Vix says she's going to check the perimeter.

Lukas and Marin are in Lima on their way to the Cajatambo FreeThinker community there. Their heist was too easy smooth as smooth could be. Creepy....
Lukas is on edge while Marin thinks they're home free.
Ugh. Here it comes...

Marin and Lukas get a flat tire and Lukas knows something up and sure enough they're ambushed by Darkened.
Meanwhile Dianne is freaked that the guys aren't back yet.
Which includes everyone..... crap, crap, crap!

Ky burst into Tobias office and tells them to come quick. Marin is being treated by Ana. He's barely alive. The darkened hit all three teams leaving Omniya, Marin and Fernando as warnings to the seriousness of Samyara's drive to stop at nothing to have what he wants. He sent Jordan to get a message to Alyx through DreamWalker he will trade Tobias, Jordan, Luce and Lukas for Israel. Alyx is quick to say no never. Jordan said he talked to Tobias and they don't want to be traded. That the prophecy and the greater good were far more important than them.
Dianne protests and Vix is left to decide seeing as she's in charge now. Israel says he wants to make the trade... damn!
Jordan awakens in Samyara's wine cellar with an answer from Alyx...
Yes 3am at Remembrance Park!

Israel has a condition though Alyx gets Adere.
Samyara agrees to the terms and orders Passar to hide and kill Adere once they've traded. She knows too much.

It's time and Passar is hiding as instructed. The four are kneeled with bags over their heads.
And what a clever plan they had indeed!! I am not giving those details!!
With Samyara psycho laughing and surrounded we move to Marin.

Ana is taking care of him and finds a lump and when Ana gets it out she finds it's a hell communicator....
She tells Marin they have to get everyone out now!!!

Flash back to the quickly multiplying Samyara he isn't even within reach!! He will carry out his original plan to make a keye.
Alyx swears to stop him
Israel kissies Adere in an attempt to trigger the act of love that will change her back human.
But it doesn't work.
From behind Adere Israel sees a knife coming at her back swings her around and takes the shot for her and they collapsed!

Meanwhile Ana is desperately trying to get herself and Ky and the wounded Marin out if Aradale because the Darkened had breached the wards.
She's in Tobias' office now trying to remember the secret passage when Ky's hand slips from hers and he bolts out the door screaming for Mini.
And back to Alyx... Adere now human is backing away from a prone Israel who in fact has been poisoned by Passar's blade intended for Adere. He's fading fast as they make their way back to Aradale.

Ky is speeding toward Mini's room he gets to her and is thinking of his fondness of her on the way.
He opens her room and she launches into his arms. He can't help but love this moment.
They turn to leave but are stopped by a demon....

Alyx is carrying a DreamWalker sedated Israel as they make their way back to Aradale. They near the city and smell smoke, hear sirens and see flames.
Lukas was the first to react... his wife and child in mind as he sped towards Aradale.
They got there to the back of the grounds where Marin was lying safe he told Alyx where Ana had gone and the others had already made their way inside. She left Israel with Marin and went to get Ana. She finds Tobias, Vix, Dianne, Lukas and Ana in the front. The firemen were searching for Ky and Mini. They came out with a lifeless body and my heart broke.... the pain Ana and Lukas go through at the loss of their son... agonizing...
I had to take a minute for Ky.
My heart beating rapidly and tears flooding my vision finishing this one in sniffles...

When Lukas grabs Dianne and tells her to take his last memory my heart broke again. He died saving Mini. They locked him in her room and took her...... this is so sad.... and then my heart, along with Aradale crumpled to the ground..

With nowhere to go and not knowing who to trust Alyx goes to Mason.
Mason gives the Seraphim a home til they can figure out what to do. Israel isn't doing well but Alyx is hollow and by his side.
Mason worries their guests may bring trouble they don't need.

And ..... ummm ......Hanna!!! OMG!!!! I NEED Angelsong!!!!!!

Can you say... cliffhanger!
Oh man!
I am definitely eagerly awaiting book three!

Way to go Hanna!!! Bravo!


A writer of fantastical things, especially stories with fangs, magic or wings.

I want to tell you tales that will rip away the glamour from your life, keep you running and fighting and gasping long past the devil’s hour and maybe, just maybe, reality will look a little bit different when you return.

Sit with me around this witchlight. Let me tell you a story.

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