Thursday, November 28, 2013

Theatrical Thursday #1 - Catching Fire

Welcome to my first
Theatrical Thursday
This will be my meme where I take a break from the bookie post you are used to and review a movie instead.
Personally I love movies, though not as much as I love to read. As far as genres go I am not partial to a certain one, much like with my book reading. I am pretty much willing to give any movie a chance unless of course it turns into smut, then I am out! Don't get me wrong intimacy is beautiful in some movies but sometimes when it's taken too far it loses it's loving message along the way. But I don't judge, to each his or better yet her own.
I have never hosted per say, a meme so if you are interested in participating let me know in the comments below. If I get enough interest I will do all that needs to be done like Linky stuff and Rules and what not, themes and all that other good stuff...
But for now it will be me, talking about movies I guess, LOL.
Okay enough with the awkward blabbering.
I went to the movies yesterday so that's the movie I have chosen to talk about today...
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

First of all I want to mention that I HAVE NOT read the books so this is purely movie to me. (I realize that's insane but I haven't had the time really...)
Anyways, From start to finish I definitely loved the movie. 
Katniss. I really like Katniss' character and not just because she's beautiful, but she's such a strong female lead. She is smart and strong and delicate and determined.

The Big Question... Team Gale or Team Peeta. I am most certainly Team Gale though I can appreciate the circumstance that her and Peeta have found themselves in. I get that the whole thing is forced and necessary but you can only pretend for so long before things get real, I'm just saying!
The Storyline is really good though I was a bit disturbed the first time I saw The Hunger Games. The fact that children were sent to barbarically kill each other for entertainment. I was astonished but got the dystopian gist of it.
The Quarter Quell was a brilliant idea by the author if it was in the book. Brilliant and twisted all at the same time.
I have no intention of spoiling it if you haven't seen it so I will stop there on that. But I will say that I love the elements that they had to face in the dome.
The Characters. The characters in this movie were really well done and you got a little taste of each ones personality.
Johanna was a fireball and just my kind of girl! I absolutely love Jenna Malone and was so happy to see her in this movie.
Effie has annoyed the mess out of me but we get to a side of her in this movie that I never dreamed existed. And now I think I  really like her!
Cinna is fabulous and so great with Katniss, he has managed to convey a sense of camaraderie since the very beginning. Great, great character.

Peeta, what can I say? This movie got huge points for Peeta in my book. He didn't seem so much like the scared little boy we saw in The Hunger Games and that is definitely a good thing! He got better looking too.
Gale, hmm Gale is a great character, the prince charming meets ride or die kind of guy. He was willing to look after "Katnip's" family while she was away and you can just feel his love for her oozing off of the screen. I don't know he just smolders at her. And oh, my gawd! In this movie I absolutely loved his character and I am happy that we see more of him.
Prim is a firecracker, she is no longer uncertain and weak, she too is strong and beautiful. Very grown up I think and ready for change. I hope to see more from her in the next movie.
Haymitch, oh dear, the drunken master himself was one of my favorites in The Hunger Games and he still is. I loved him in this movie, loved him!
Finnick is a great addition to the cast and I liked his cocky character most definitely. Not gonna say alot about him though, loads of spoilers there. But great character full of a spectrum of emotions.
The Wardrobe. Trish Summerville is AMAZING! I am not kidding, the wardrobe in the movie is EPIC! Every event every setting rich, poor, formal, relaxed. All of it was wow and that's no joke. Just truly amazing and she is most definitely the best person for that job.
It takes you into the world full of districts and unrest, transports you mentally there and helps to immerse you into the film. BRAVO!
The Set & Scenery. I am certain that they use CGI in some parts but I am sure they definitely use set too. I just get so sucked into the scenery, swept away and in awe some of the time. Just adding to the experience. I didn't watch it in IMAX but I bet it's spectacular!
The Tributes, the tributes for the quarter quell were a great mix of personalities for sure!
Catching Fire was a really good movie that my whole family enjoyed, my husband, sixteen year old daughter, fourteen and thirteen year old sons all agreed it was great!
If you are looking for epic family friendly with action and drama mixed with a love story. This is most definitely a great one to go see! I know I will be buying the DVD and watching it again and again.
Well, that's it! I hope I didn't bore you to death or spoil anything! Again let me know if you are interested in being a part of Theatrical Thursday in comments below! And feel free to talk about the movie in the comments too!
Happy movie watching and as usual happy reading!


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