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Tuesday Teasers! - True Fate

It's winding down now! Eeeep! Insert happy dance here!
My Beta Readers have the book in their hands and all I can do now is wait, extremely nervously!
I am editing and writing book 2 now as well as formatting and editing True Fate still!
I am hoping to do a cover reveal soon and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a January release or December if I can!
Woo okay enough of my blabbering! Onto the good stuff!

Avery reached for her sword as Drake leapt and rolled out of her reach. She swore and gave chase as he quickly ran away. Eric watched the body of the hunter sizzle to a molten orange, hissing and popping. After ten seconds he turned to a burnt lump then with a crunch crumpled as ash flew in the air swirling around Eric.
Avery tackled Drake and he struggled then twisted and punched her square in the jaw. She rolled on top of him and got the advantage pressing her knees into his shoulders. She locked his arms in place with her feet.
Eric searched frantically for Avery once he snapped out of his daze. It really had been awhile since he'd sent anyone back to his world that way. He finally found her after hearing the whiny pleading of the hunter. 
She had him smashed face first against a tree with her dagger dug in his throat. "Who sent you?” she asked digging her knee deep into his spine. Drake clenched his teeth and coughed, blood spattering the tree.
Eric came to look him in the eye, "You may as well tell us. You're out of this game for a while and we won't say anything about where we got the info.” He said twirling the knife in his hand. Drake growled the relaxed his body. Avery took the knife out from his throat and blood dripped from the small slit she'd made.

"I can't tell you.” Drake spoke softly, hands raised. "But I can tell you that you can't trust anyone. And I mean anyone, there are snakes everywhere. If that girl is who we all think she is, we all need her. I’m bound by an oath to help the one I’m working for. I very literally can't give you any information that would directly be useful.” he quickly spoke. Eric looked at him for a moment. "He's telling the truth about his oath.” Avery said. "Also he's right about not trusting anyone.” she added.

Eric clenched his jaw and Avery removed her knee from Drake’s back. Drake took advantage of his freedom and quickly spun and slashed a dagger at Eric. He ran ahead touching a tree until it glowed and he disappeared inside.
Eric looked up at a shocked and seemingly frozen Avery, "A little help.” he said gritting his teeth and holding his gaping shoulder. She dropped to the ground next to him and raised her hand into the air it glowed a bright blue. A bubble appeared around them and a concentrated Darragh walked into the privacy he'd created. "I took care of the clerk and the cameras. The passersby are another issue Avery. What were you thinking?" he scolded her. But she didn’t care who saw, Eric was her best friend.

Avery's hands shook as water gathered to her surrounding her raised palm and hovering there. She brought both hands in front of her and molded the water into a ball and placed both hands around it and closed her eyes. A burst of orange cleansed the water of its impurities and she directed it to Eric's wound after ripping his shirt. Once it was washed she put her hand to his face and sent a jolt through him, gritting her teeth as she transferred some of his pain to herself.
She then placed her hand over the jagged six inch rip in his skin across his shoulder and clavicle, the sinewy muscle and bone exposed. Her blue light shone in the night and sweat dotted her brow as his wound started to close up.
Darragh kept watch around them making sure the bubble was still intact. Eric's eyes fluttered as Avery's light dimmed and she removed her hand. A thick pink puckered patch of skin was where the gaping wound had just been. Avery smiled and Eric looked up at her hazily. "I had no idea you were a healer. That was amazing. Thank you." he said sitting up slowly. "Yeah, a lot of things have changed.” she replied wiping the tears that stung her eyes.

"We need to go. Now.” Darragh said firmly, and with that the bubble dissipated and they went back to the car and headed towards their destination. Shook up but ready for anything.



Shayna Varadeaux Books © 2013 (All Rights Reserved)


Excerpt from
True Fate (True Fate #1)
Shayna Varadeaux

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Shayna is a happily married mom of three teenagers and a native Texan. She is a highly addicted reader and an avid reviewer with a love  for generating buzz for other authors.

“Life is chaos and reading is my relaxation. Writing comes second only to my family and my music. I love playing the bass and singing backup vocals for my husband! A tattoo artist turned author, following my dream and loving it!"

"I am currently writing  book 2 in my True Fate Series, my first YA Paranormal Fiction Series! I hope to publish by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. Luckily I have my best friend who is also my supportive husband to cheer me on. I'm definitely looking forward to the painful journey of becoming a self-published author!”


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