Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 10 of 2013 - Best Book Boyfriends

Today's Topic is...

(MUST be from a book released in 2013 and from a book you’ve READ in 2013)

1. Logan Oliver

I love the Oliver boys and Logan is the sweetest, most patient yet strong man ever! He's rugged and loves fiercely and would do anything even die for the one he loves.
When you read The Celestra Series by Addison Moore you will see what I mean and it doesn't disappoint! It's my absolute favorite series of all time! Logan, Gage and Marshall, a combo to satisfy every need! When she came out with this spin off POV goodness Celestra Knights Series!
Review HERE

2. Gage Oliver
Gage Oliver, bad boy extraordinaire, is delicious by every standard and in Ethereal Knights we get a wonderful POV of the books I adore in the Celestra Series! I love Gage Oliver but honestly I have had the hardest time picking between him and Logan! I am so glad I am not Skyla! The choices lol!

3. Eli Dragen

 Eli Dragen grabs you from the moment he comes into the picture. I was seriously taken in by the dynamic between him and Ember. Swoon... big time! I love his roughness but desire to be gentle with her, he's just swoon worthy all the way around! Check out my review HERE

"The intensity between Em and Eli was staggering! I was dumbfounded and breathless!" - Shayna Varadeaux

4. Gage Taylor

Tall, dark and lovely, the rugged Gage Taylor is a bartender from Australia living in the states. He's a bad boy and a good guy all wrapped in one and I love him and Savannah together. He was easy to picture and he was swoon worthy to the max! A great book boyfriend!

5. Mason Wright

Mason is a really great guy and so patient and caring. He takes care of his Mom and his brother but he has a past that haunts him as well. The story of Emma is a breathtaking one and you can read my review HERE I recommend this series to everyone!

6. Ink

Sketch and Corpse and Nightmare are all great hot rockstars! But the brooding Ink is my favorite by far, butterflies in the stomach sort of thing! Love, love him!
 Review HERE

7. Asher Benedict

Asher, yes! This is the quintessential love story against all odds amazing ending sort of thing. Read the book and you will fall in love with it too!
Review HERE

8. Colten Jackson
Kim Lehman

 Colten is amazing in this book even though Righteous is in such a difficult situation. I loved so much about this story and he was definitely one of my favorite parts! Review HERE

9. Luc Donovan

 Luc Donovan is a huge part in this series and he is so strong yet so loving and he is great with Riley. She needs him and he is everything she needs when she needs it and never pushes. Review HERE

10. Myles Lott
 Myles Lott is my most recent leading man lol! I loved this story alot I like the new twist that it has and I love Myles!

That was quick and painless actually because of yesterday's topic!
But it was definitely not the same because I had to see which books were published in 2013!

Happy Reading!





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  1. I think I could cry! So honored to have Gage included in this list!! Can't wait to unleash his story early next year..

    1. I cannot wait to read that! I am certain his has a story to tell. He's a character with depth that comes off the pages! Last Call made this list Best Books Read in 2013 and Savannah and Gage made this list as well Best Couples of 2013 I really enjoyed the book and cannot wait for more!