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Tuesday Teasers! - True Fate

Tuesday Teasers!
True Fate Excerpt:

From Chapter 3
Sweet Dreams

Eric got up from the table, Nia looked at him curiously as he went to the living room then returned moments later with a small black lacquer box. "Here, this is for you.” he said scooting the box across the table nervously. Nia took it with shaky hands curiously opening the lid.
Nestled safely inside the velvet lining was a black bracelet with beautiful twisting filigree. In the center was what looked to be a small hollow cage. Eric took his soul stone from her hand and she gave him her left wrist, he gave her a nod of approval. Her skin heated as he ran his finger over her tattoo staring at it.
Eric gently clasped the bracelet around her wrist, he blew out a breath puffing out his cheeks. He carefully opened the little cage with shaky hands and placed the stone inside. It touched Nia's tattoo with a jolt as a tear trickled down her cheek. The enormity of the situation was like a weight in her chest. This was the most trust ever given to her in her entire life.
 He clasped the cage softly and began to twist the side. Nia stared fascinated as it twisted itself the rest of the way. Eric sealed it inside with a glowing touch from his finger. The stone glowed brilliant blue light causing them both to gasp. After a moment it dimmed to just a shimmer, "It's absolutely beautiful." Nia breathed. "I promise to take care of it." She added reverently.  Eric looked up meeting her eyes, "I trust you Nia. Now you have my soul to prove it." He said while wiping another stray tear from her cheek.
They stared into each other’s eyes exchanging, she really didn't know what. But he was now a part of her and she him in a strange way. Her thoughts and questions were cut off by his husky voice thick with emotions of his own, "It's time to go." Nia could only nod in response.
He smiled and brought her to her feet gently by her hand. “Place your hand on the bracelet and clear your mind.” He instructed. "When will I see you again?” she interrupted, he smiled then and it was a brilliant smile making her breath catch. "You will see me in your dreams of course. Now it’s time for you to go back.” Nia nodded and gave him a dazzling smile of her own placing her palm down on the bracelet. The stone lit up dimly and everything started to fade. Blurring and swaying slowly until there was nothing but the black of her eyelids.

From Chapter 16
Savannah & Darragh
Savannah flicked her wrist and cupped her palms above Darragh’s face. Water came down off the leaves of the trees and up the blades of grass, it gathered there just above her hands. She blew a cold wind into it to chill it and dumped it onto his face with a satisfied smirk.
Darragh choked and coughed sitting up quickly, being jerked back into consciousness. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Lilith’s little errand boy.” she said oozing sarcasm and crossing her arms in front of herself.
"It's nice to see you too Savannah.” Darragh said wiping his face off and shaking out his black hair. He stared at her with her auburn locks falling in her face. It was way longer than he remembered and her grey eyes looked almost soft and welcoming. She gathered herself quickly and they changed to distant and furious in a flash.
He was happy to see her regardless of her anger. She was a fierce warrior and stayed on the edge of the realms offering her unique collection of talents and skills to the highest bidder.
 Shayna Varadeaux Books © 2013 (All Rights Reserved)

Excerpt from
True Fate (True Fate #1)
Shayna Varadeaux

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